2013.01.22 - 05:57PM
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Gorgeous. Loved every minute. Perfect length, too. I especially liked the mistaken identity bit where her current Doctor was following her...poor Doctor :)

2012.10.20 - 10:50PM
1: Chapter 1

I don't know why I haven't left you a note.... This story touches me each time I read it. So heartfelt... So them... A timey whimey love story... Gorgeous!

2011.02.26 - 03:33AM
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Oh goodness. Your stories are striking a chord in me. I started bawling at this part and was teary until the very end:

He paused, head falling a bit as he searched for words. “I…like to think she wouldn’t mind,” he answered slowly, carefully.

She closed her eyes at his words, her lips tightening into a painful line. And she turned her head, resting her cheek on his shoulder instead and looking toward the telly. The screen was off and she could see herself reflected there beside the Doctor. The way she always wanted to be. “Am I dead?” she asked him reluctantly, already attempting to build a front should he have answered in the affirmative.

You are extremely talented, I can't wait to read more from you.

Author's Response: Couldn\'t you just see that scene in your head though? The two of them sitting next to each other, Rose putting her head on his shoulder while they talked quietly? I got the picture of it in my head and just needed to put it down. :) Oh and I\'m thrilled that it actually made you cry! I love being able to get to someone through fic!

2011.02.17 - 11:28PM
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Hi there! I don't think I ever finished reading this one on LJ, so I'm glad I stumbled on it here. This is just heartbreakingly beautiful...

Author's Response: Heya! Aww thanks! I don\'t think I ever finished posting the sister fic, now that I think about it, OMG. Does that make me a bad person?? Oof, lol!

2010.12.16 - 09:24PM
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This story inspired me to try my hand at Doctor Who fan fiction... You are just remarkable! So true to the characters, and it is so intimate without being smutty. It is my favorite, along with it's companion piece and "a bit western. Ish" ... Can't wait till EoS is complete!!!

Author's Response: Awww how cool is that?? I love it, I love that you were inspired! I\'m going to go over and check out your stuff after this! How awesome, yay!!! Thank you!

2010.09.24 - 09:10PM
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simply amazing through and through!

Author's Response: Eeeeeeh ty very much!

2010.09.23 - 11:18AM
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I read the start of this over on lj, and finished reading it here. I have to say that I think it's amazing and I really love it :D

Author's Response: Aww ty! LOL! You managed to get the jump on the fic! I had to post in three parts over at lj and some readers had to wait a few days for the whole fic. Woohoo! Go you! :)

2010.09.22 - 05:01PM
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Oh, my heart... I warned you I would favorite this, and now I have.

Author's Response: LOL! Woohoo! Awesome! I already told you that I LIKE that you stalk me, lolol!