Reviews For A Better Man

2019.03.03 - 10:41PM
1: A Better Man

Aw... cute! 😁

Author's Response: Thanks :)

2015.04.05 - 11:38PM
1: A Better Man

What a cute fic! I loved the Doctor's reaction to Rose's outfit, how possessive he was, and that little whispered I love you. Nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you love, for both reading and taking the time to comment. I\'m glad you enjoyed it. Plus it means a lot to see a new comment on something I posted such a long time ago :)

2014.03.01 - 05:26PM
1: A Better Man

Oh, that's lovely! I particularly like the Doctor scaring off the drunk with a glare and a growl.

Author's Response: Thanks love, and after all, who can resist growly Nine? :)

2013.12.24 - 10:31AM
1: A Better Man

That was beautiful, Dev. Absolutely beautiful!!!

Author's Response: Thanks love :) I have to admit I\'m quite proud of this one, which is unusual for me.

2013.02.11 - 02:00PM
1: A Better Man

Here's where I giggled: "It seemed to consist, as far as he could tell, of a handkerchief and some shoelaces." (Because I can remember my parents telling me almost exactly that when I wore halters). Here's where I melted: "...the Doctor turned to him, glared directly into his eyes, and simply growled." (Because oh my god, jealous and possessive Nine! -dies-), and here's where I CURSED YOUR NAME and wished for more! "As he lowered his head towards her, and their lips finally met, he realised that for once, that little voice really had gone silent." AHHHHGH How can you do this to me?!

Author's Response: Well it clearly had an impact, although I can\'t decide if I should run and hide now, lol.
Thanks for commenting on all my stuff though love, it\'s very much appreciated

2012.04.16 - 11:24PM
1: A Better Man

This is a lovely fic, Apparently CE does burst into song and he really has a nice voice. Lucky Rose. There is nothing sexier than a man singing to you while you dance.

Author's Response: Thanks, I\'m glad you like it. I am rather fond of this fic myself :)

2011.12.18 - 12:38AM
1: A Better Man

Fantastic! The world needs more sweet Nine/Rose romance fics. :D

Author's Response: Thanks love, glad you like it :)

2011.09.26 - 07:24PM
1: A Better Man

Extra points for the Nine growl!

Author's Response: oh you know he would growl, most definitely :)

2010.09.25 - 01:58AM
1: A Better Man

Wish he would have told that bossy inner voice to take off sooner and more often. What a great warm fuzzy story. Thanks.

Author's Response: thanks :) I\'m glad you liked it

2010.09.20 - 11:15PM
1: A Better Man

Is it considered bad form, as your beta, to express my sincere enjoyment of this story?

Truly, it was my pleasure! :)

Author's Response: bad form? I shouldn\'t think so, although I suppose you might be accused of a certain amount of bias, lol.

2010.09.20 - 04:08PM
1: A Better Man

That was so lovely... I, too, am grinning like a goon!!

Author's Response: a loon huh? then I think it\'s safe to say it worked, lol

2010.09.20 - 12:33AM
1: A Better Man

Oh, this is wonderful. I wish you could see my grin, it's so wide right now it's taking up half my face. *glees at the romance*

Author's Response: aww, thanks love :) glad you approve of the fluff, think I was in a sappy mood, lol