Reviews For objections

2010.12.01 - 07:07PM
1: 1/1

This is really good. You have a really good grasp on the characters. I think it's really sweet that Amy leaves him a note and that he keeps it until it fades. I also love the fact that he hates that she's not from Gallifrey. The singing voice one was really cute. This was just an all around really good story.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! Glad you thought so!

2010.09.09 - 11:40PM
1: 1/1

Again, I love your writing and this story is another splendid example. Your grasp of the characters and portrayal of the undertones and nuances of the Doctor's secret mind is just perfect and so beleivable. Well done! Cheers, James.

Author's Response: Can I just say, I love the phrase \"the undertones and nuances of the Doctor\'s secret mind\". Also, thanks for the review!

2010.09.09 - 10:05PM
1: 1/1

Each bit of this was just -
I think you've captured something really essential about the Doctor here. He loves his companions, he dreams, he wishes, and when they move on he mourns. He also really fucks them up sometimes (and that scene with Amy's aunt was very powerful, especially coming on the heels of the library and the dream lord). But you wind it off with that beautiful ramble.
I'm rambling too now, because it's late and I'm tired, but this is very nice.

Author's Response: Well I\'m very glad you enjoyed. :) Thanks for the review.

2010.09.09 - 10:46AM
1: 1/1

oh wow this is amazing! i guess i wasnt sure about the beginning, but the end really got me - i wish i could write like that

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I\'m glad you enjoyed it.

2010.09.09 - 09:53AM
1: 1/1

Lovely; I think I would have added that he misses little Amelia. I love that he wishes she was from Gallifrey. I think oneof the things he loves about her is that she is married to lovely Rory. Good work.

Author's Response: I agree -- even as an avid 11/Amy shipper, *I* love that she\'s married to Rory. They clearly love each other and they\'re a fantastic match, and they need each other -- and the Doctor needs both of them, as a couple. You can\'t help but admire how she chose him and he waited for her, and I don\'t think the Doctor can help it either -- even though I still think that part of him hates it as well, because he wants her for himself (from my point of view anyway!) Anyway, thanks for the review! I\'m glad you liked the fic.

2010.09.09 - 01:22AM
1: 1/1

This was very well done. I particularly liked the paragraph in #5 where you begin with a structured list that devolved into that rambling litany, it just radiates WANT. Very good.
If I was gonna say anything constructiveat all, (and there's not much) I would say that ther seems to be an earlier attempt at the same thing in #3, 2nd paragraph as the strain of Amy's terrible singing takes it's toll. The effect doesn't work as well here, though I'm not sure why. The deterioration of the thought just doesn't take the same lovely tumble it does in 5. If I had to guess, looking at it again, I'd say it's the lack of the 'list' part in the beginning. Because it's describing a chain of events instead of a list of absent things you jsut don't get that fantastic crumbly texture to the writing. It jsut comes off as a run-on sentence.
Great work! I love these "five times" things, and I think this is one of my favourites.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, and I appreciate the feedback very much! I do have a tendency to write prose the same way I write poetry (and my poetry tends to involve run-on sentences!), which often works out well, but not always, haha. I\'m glad you liked the story!