Reviews For Three Wishes

2010.12.21 - 12:23AM
1: Three Wishes

You know, this particular threesome would never have occurred to me on my own, and yet, it's somehow very right. Well done you. Write more with these three, will ya? *g*

Author's Response: This is the first time I\'ve tried to write these three and been entirely pleased with the outcome, and not had it come out as crack. But I haven\'t figured out how to do more with them without straying so far from canon that I find myself not believing the results.

2010.08.29 - 07:54PM
1: Three Wishes

Lovely. Somehow I knew the only influence they were under was their own. Not quite sure how I feel about Jack letting them think otherwise, but if ever there was a time when the end ever justified the means, this would be it.

Author's Response: I\'m afraid so. If they ever found out there was no outside influence, I think they\'d both guilt themselves horribly. Like Jack, I\'d rather leave them this one lovely moment to look back on.