2015.04.07 - 04:09PM
1: 1/1

Now I feel all fuzzy inside! :)

I like the idea of time as music, with it "striking up" at the end.

2015.04.03 - 11:40PM
1: 1/1

Found this through Calufrax recs. Like the reviewer before me, the Keane lyric title caught my attention. Beautiful story. Your writing captures Amy's feelings about her experiences at the festival perfectly. I wish I could write like you!

2015.04.03 - 08:19PM
1: 1/1

Really just lovely. It's a beautiful world you've created and it's so evocatively rendered.

I particularly loved this line: Amy finds herself holding hands in a circle dance, the Doctor on her left, an incredibly spry old woman on her right, and no idea what the rules are.

Because that's such a crucial part of the whole experience, not knowing what the rules are, and how the Doctor both ignores and defines rules.

I also like the contrast between Amy's intuitive reaction to a culture alien to hers and the Doctor's acceptance. He can appreciate the beauty in all the different places he goes despite the flaws, but partly that is because he is so removed from the places he goes, as you illustrated with the ending.

I'm glad I popped in from calufrax!

2011.02.12 - 12:47PM
1: 1/1

Utterly beautiful story, and one of the first genuinely fantastic 11/Amy fics I've ever read! The title of the story was what caught my eye, though - it's the first line of Keane's 'Bedshaped', if I'm right in thinking? Either way, absolutely amazing story, thank you very much!

Lucy (: x

Author's Response: It is indeed the first line of that very lovely song! And I appreciate the equally lovely review -- thank you so much!

2010.08.27 - 09:43PM
1: 1/1

Beautiful story. But as you note, a little sad. The end made me tear up too; what an apt metaphor and reflection of the way the Doctor lives life. This was incredibly well-crafted too, very vivid and visual and sensual.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

2010.08.27 - 02:19AM
1: 1/1

Gorgeous little story with sumptuous little details and a leisurely pace. The ending was perfect. Cheers, Jamie.

Author's Response: Thank you, I\'m glad you thought so!