Reviews For Sacrifice

2013.08.27 - 10:03PM
1: Chapter One

Nicely done. You packed a lot of emotion an d story into a very small package. Has this 'Project Gallifrey' gone anywhere? Is there more to read? Thanks.

Author's Response: Project Gallifrey was over on another site that I dont frequent anymore and can\'t even remember the name of it, but it was all about Time War and Academy fiction. I honestly couldnt say if it went any further as I got involved in other things, but thanks for your review and I\'m glad that you enjoyed.

2012.07.12 - 08:25AM
1: Chapter One

Breathtaking, horrifying and perfect. Truly it was the Gallifreyians (the true Gallifreyians) that helped him save them all...even if it was not what they had wished. Beautiful, sweetie. Just gorgeous.



Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed, thanks for your review.

2012.07.11 - 01:23PM
1: Chapter One

This was very sharp and painful. Beautifully done gut punch.

Author's Response: Thank, I\'m glad that you enjoyed.

2010.08.23 - 05:22AM
1: Chapter One

This was sad and beautiful at the same time. Shows the sacrifice a soldier from any place or time would make for what he/she is fighting for. it also shows the cruelty of war. all in just a short one-shot story.

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it, thanks for your review.

2010.08.23 - 01:31AM
1: Chapter One

I agree with the Gallies/Gally being a bit odd and distracting. Great story other than that, in one lone surviving soldiers last few minutes.

And so Arcadia falls. And the Doctor alone got out.

Author's Response: Just playing and trying it out lol. In my head Gally is a term the older Time Lords of the High Council use to belittle the Gallifreyans who are not Time Lords. Probably a bit racist and conceited on their behalf. And yes, Arcadia fell and the Doctor got out. I might expand this a bit and see how the Doctor defied the President and to Arcadia in an attempt to save those sacrificial Gallies, but I dont know the Eighth doctor very well and he\'d probably be too like Ten lol.

2010.08.23 - 01:26AM
1: Chapter One

Project Gallifrey?

I'll give a better reply after actually reading the story :P

Author's Response: Project Gallifrey is a project being coordination by Psigen for DWO. A full series of scripts and some fanfic stories about the Time Lord Academy days. I\'ve been asked to do some writing for it. A side line for it is the Time War Journals... just toying and playing with ideas at the moment.

2010.08.23 - 01:02AM
1: Chapter One

Intriguing tale.

But your use of "Gallies" for Gallifreyans was distracting...

Author's Response: I kind of think that Gally is a somewhat detrimental term used by some of the older less accommodating Time Lords towards the Gallifreyans. That he uses it himself is a demonstration of his bitterness that they were just used. Something like that anyway *w*

2010.08.23 - 12:53AM
1: Chapter One

I really want to read more of this! Very good!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, not going to be any more at the moment, just playing.

2010.08.22 - 11:27PM
1: Chapter One

Very sad... To give the Doctor time one soldier faced his death, to give him some time...

Lovely, writing...

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, thank you for your review.