Reviews For 165 Eaton Place

2010.08.13 - 06:02PM
1: Servants and Masters

I've never even heard of the crossover before but it sounds interesting, and, well, I'm a sucker for anything with Gerald and Harriot in it. Just file the serial numbers off them and be publishing the book y/y? I'd buy it.

Author's Response: Heh, well I don\'t pretend I

Author's Response: Heh, well I don\'t pretend I haven\'t considered the some length... :) The crossover is an early-mid 70s Brit TV drama about this upper-class family and their servants, covering a timespan approx 1900-1930, LOTs of Doctor Who actors in it! Pretty well-known in the UK, but I have no idea whether it ever travelled further afield. But yeah, Gerald and Harriet - I never get tired of those crazy kids! XD Anyway, thanks for reading, and I\'m glad you liked it, in spite of the obscurity of the crossover! :D

2010.08.13 - 08:33AM
1: Servants and Masters

Serously, it was lovely - no flattery involved! And, yes, all the complications of class - and everyone having fun, except that poor driver who was there to get killed off. :-D

Author's Response: Yes, the driver may as well have turned up for work wearing a red shirt that particular day...we want to make the Master look kind of dangerous, but not kill off any of the proper characters! XD Such is the lot of supporting characters...but thanks again, and I\'m very glad you liked it!

2010.08.13 - 04:03AM
1: Servants and Masters

Awww. I don't know what to say, except must you write every kind of fic so marvellously well? Isn't there something you can't do? :lol: And I apologise if I threw plot bunnies that were decidedly Uncool, but this was wonderful. Even if I didn't know must of the characters, and was spoilered for a show I wasn't even watching... :-D But knowing who played some of them made me grin a lot.

And this: “Some xeno with a taste for the high life, and an overinflated opinion of himself; they’re more common than you might think.” Well, yes. They're everywhere... :-D

Just, you know, now AU Gerald and Harriet away from the BBC, who don't deserve them anyway, and give them a better ending. ;-)

Author's Response: Heh, flattery will get you everywhere! ;D Thanks for the bunny, btw - I hope I gave it a good home. And thanks in general - glad you liked this. I suppose that is the thing about crossovers when you\'re not overly familiar with one of the programmes involved, but hopefully I got the characters and the whole upstairs-downstairs dynamic across well enough. Gerald is a bit grumpy, but I think that\'s more irritation at doing Enderby\'s job for him and having to play nice with the upper classes not agreeing with him - I think that confronted with the maids, he would have been all genially-yet-patronisingly bucking them up, \"brave girl\" etc, like he is with that nurse in the TV story! XD Er, yeah, spoilers... And yes, I wonder who Gerald could possibly be referring to?? And, well...well... :D