2011.11.26 - 10:49PM
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I absolutely adored this. Poor Amy. XD

Author's Response: Poor Amy indeed. Thanks.

2010.12.08 - 02:00PM
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Another Calufrax reader, and this was very cute!

Author's Response: Thanks very much. :)

2010.12.07 - 09:45PM
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LOVE this. :)

Author's Response: Thanks. :)

2010.12.07 - 04:50PM
1: Chapter 1

Here from Calufrax. This was a joy to read, with a wonderful energy to it. I was gleefully anticipating each new Doctor's appearance, and I thought you did a great job with all of them and their accompanying companions. I think Six was my favorite, followed closely by Ten's second appearance with the ice cream.

Author's Response: I\'m so happy you liked it! Thanks.

2010.12.07 - 02:21PM
1: Chapter 1

enjoyed it very much - particularly (strangely enough) ian being disappointed by the lack of flying cars (i am always disappointed about that ian!) and six lying about the bathroom, and the loveliness of rory standing up for amy - even if eight was sad and confused and did not mean to wrong her.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Everyone\'s vision of the future contains flying cars, and yet here we are almost in 2011 and there aren\'t any around....

2010.12.07 - 12:16PM
1: Chapter 1

Hah! Here via Calufrax and that was great. I especially liked Seven and Ace (and Ace and wee!Amelia really would have got on), and Eight knocking at the door, but it was all thoroughly enjoyable. :-)

Author's Response: I love imagining Ace and other companions meeting each other. Ace doesn\'t get enough love. ;)

2010.12.07 - 08:05AM
1: Chapter 1

I really enjoyed this story, very funny! I really enjoyed Ace and 7. I hate to point it out, but Karen G. wasn't Evelinna, she was one of the Sybiline sisters. I appreciated the reference though.

Author's Response: Gah, you\'re right, I messed that up. Oh well, I tried. Thanks for reviewing!

2010.12.07 - 06:23AM
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Oh.my.god. I don't know the last time ANYTHING has made me laugh so constantly. Jack!! Six!! Eight!! Ahhhhh, SO MUCH HILARITY. You SO win at life.

Author's Response: Glad to make anybody laugh. =)

2010.12.07 - 03:45AM
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Hee! Delightful. I kept lol-ing.

Author's Response: Thanks!

2010.12.07 - 02:06AM
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Here via Calufrax. This was great fun, and very well written.

Author's Response: I got on Calufrax? =D Life goal achieved! Thanks so very much for your review.

2010.11.27 - 12:59AM
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This was cool. I've actually read it before, but didn't want to comment until I saw Series Five, which I have just finished now due to a "crash course" thanks to the DVD box set. I like Amy; she's original but with a bit of Donna's attitude, you know? I love your work.


Amy (obviously a different Amy lol)

Author's Response: Aw, a different Amy? Not the real one? JK, Glad you liked it. =)

2010.10.07 - 06:53PM
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Fantastic. Really, really very good. I normally don't read Amy stories. I've had trouble finding underlying consistency in her character on the show and that bugs the hell out of me. I really only read this because I've really loved all your other stories. Now I'm very glad I did. This might even be my favorite of your stories. It certainly helps me like Amy's character much more and explain some more of her behavior on the show in my head. I'll probably use this as my own personal canon when watching her from now on. Thanks for posting and sharing it with us. I really enjoyed it and will recommend it to other fans. -Muse

Author's Response: I like Amy, but she\'s a bit...unbalanced. I figured this was a perfect explanation for how she was able to sustain a belief in an imaginary friend for so long. If my imaginary friend\'s blue box kept popping up everywhere, I\'d probably go crazy too.

2010.07.08 - 06:56PM
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This was well played! I especially liked poor Eight and protective!Rory. Actually, I especially liked all of them. ;D

Author's Response: Thanks. I wasn\'t sure how good my Eight was, having only seen the movie so far. And I always thought Rory was adorable. ;)

2010.07.08 - 03:09PM
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I really enjoyed this, as it wasn't overdone and cleverly manipulates the fact that (finally!) Doctor Who is truly utilizing time travel/ paradox as a plot device. It felt very familiar as I'd written a similar story for Sarah Jane before her return in "School Reunion", but I loved that yours was able to make use of Amy's unique relationship with the Doctor in a way that is so respectful of the series. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks muchly. I love time travel and I agree, it seems a shame it hasn\'t been used much in the show beyond getting them from adventure to adventure.

2010.07.07 - 08:59PM
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Oh, quite fun and cleverly executed.

Author's Response: Thanks very much. =)