2010.11.24 - 01:10AM
1: Crusades Cutaway

Beautifully done, and unflinching in its viewpoint. Thanks, too, for introducing me to a tragic but indomitable historical figure.

Author's Response: Happy to educate :)

2010.11.16 - 06:05PM
1: Crusades Cutaway

Here via Calufrax. This is very good!

Author's Response: Cheers! It was a joy to write!

2010.11.16 - 11:14AM
1: Crusades Cutaway

This is quite dark, but it's also very well written; I like your historical sections, and despite the dark edge, you have all of them perfectly in character, especially Vicki with all her energy and well-meaning chatter.

Author's Response: Thanks! I have to say, though, that if they sound so in-character, it\'s because I have seen the early DW episodes way too often ;-)

2010.07.07 - 08:07PM
1: Crusades Cutaway

I really liked this story, both for the extra details it offers about Princess Joanna and the revelations regarding Ian and Barbara, whose characters were conveyed very well. Poor Ian - the blame was swiftly transferred to him wasn't it? He'd forgotten that you have to pay for every bit of pleasure that comes your way!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I\'ve been fascinated by the life of Joanna ever since I saw that episode (all credit goes to Jean Marsh\'s portrayal, or course.) And though I don\'t mean to place all blame on Ian, when I consider the characters, in my mind, it would be Ian who would initiate a physical encounter, simply because Barbara was so reserved.