Reviews For Hypersomnia

2010.07.09 - 12:22PM
1: Chapter 1

Excellent little story. And yeah, he does end up hurting lots of people, a fact that the classic series in particular tended to gloss over.

2010.07.04 - 09:55PM
1: Chapter 1

OMG, your italicized bit. I had to read it twice and it gave my tired brain so trouble but OH MY GOODNESS, IT WAS SO GOOD. I loooove this. And I love the little dreams, I love that (as I read it) the first with River was a dream, the second with Amy was a nightmare, and the last with Rory was one of those WTF things we all have :) LOVE!

2010.06.21 - 02:10AM
1: Chapter 1

Bizarre and brilliant. And rather funny: "Even the dog left you. Twice." hehe.

2010.06.19 - 07:35PM
1: Chapter 1

(It's my own choice if I want to risk loving you.)

Oh, lovely. It's all lovely, but that bit especially.

2010.06.19 - 07:58AM
1: Chapter 1

I really liked this, and not just because I ship Doctor/River. I always enjoy a glimpse into the Doctor's psyche, and this one was intriguing.