Reviews For Terminal Decay

2021.05.24 - 09:10PM
838: Chapter 838

Whenever I read the 10th doctor as bottom, it seems strange to me to imagine Tennant (straight and than in a interview said he wanted to be called master :)) and Jack as top ( Borrowman with his super-hung partner ) I am perplexed. Beautifully written, as usual ... even if the Ten's imprinting caused by Jack? ... very forced as a thing and totally oc.

minute 7: 24 ( tennant master )

2021.05.24 - 08:10PM
1002: Chapter 1002

What to say? A very well written series ... but very unrealistic. So let's start with the point that hurt my soul: Jackie Tyler. Assuming that she is the mother of a daughter with psychological problems and that she has had to go through her daughter's fits and take care of poor Rose (my son suffered from psychosis) I find it very unlikely that Jackie will accept so quickly (eight years is nothing for a mother who wants to help her child) without fighting for Rose's health but worrying excessively about her daughter's boyfriend. From Jackie then? certain speeches and reactions ... Jackie Tyler is the mother par excellence and she would have burned herself alive for Rose. While reading and enjoying your beautiful writing, my brain struggled with the messages conveyed from the content, I have to be honest: many times I felt bad, a feeling of enormous heaviness and sadness, the total loss of hope. A desperate and deranged John at times, lustful and wary of Rose later on and then relapse with another person after a few months? years? ... it's all weird. Certain chapters bothered me ... the story of the doctor and Jack I might as well have accepted (although very unlikely), but the way Rose was treated ... poor Rose. The thing that saddened me is just how superficial the subject of a psychotic mother and wife has been dealt with ... for people who have really been through it (I've had experiences similar to those described in real life and I think it is for what I read your story right up to the end, even when I feel bad about reading certain chapters) is a blow to the heart. Wounds like those do not heal in years, it is a hole in the chest that will remain forever for the husband and children. It is true that bad things can happen but it is at the same time much more realistic and therapeutic to describe that certain things cannot be healed so quickly. It takes a lifetime. And poor John in real life would have locked himself up in a monastery, Jackie Tyler would have fallen into depression and the children would have grown up with severe trauma and relationship problems ... you can have all the friends you want, all the uncles and aunts but if you lack the mother you miss a piece of the world especially when you are still a child like Jacko and Micheal. For the writing I have to congratulate you: the characters are beautifully described and the story is told smoothly.
It is true that we are talking about a fanfiction that tells stories of fictional characters but in my opinion it is important to be more faithful to the canon of the characters. Rose has never been cruel, as goddess she brought life
instead of being an avenging god (quote as a Time Lord could have been.

Rating: 8 for your brilliant writing skills.
Nothing 10 because the main characters have been totally distorted from their best qualities.

2021.05.24 - 06:48PM
995: Chapter 995

It's all so weird ... all too OC. Jackie Tyler encourages John to forget Rose? ... Too strange. (And it's odd that he did this for 995 chapters !).

ps. The writing is really great except for the characters totally distant from the canon.

2021.05.24 - 03:34PM
455: Chapter 455

OMG! what a dysfunctional relationship! ... other than trauma. I don't really see Rose and Ten II shooting at each other.

2020.03.07 - 03:57AM
1002: Chapter 1002

Oh what an incredible trip this has been. I learned all new things about pacing myself. You do beautiful ocs, and all your characters feel like real, fleshed out people.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you enjoyed it, K

2020.02.01 - 10:39PM
17: Chapter 17

Luke canít skate he has terrible balance

Author's Response: He can try

2018.09.05 - 03:10AM
1002: Chapter 1002

Not sure if you still see these reviews but just wanted to let you know that I've spent the last couple of months reading this story (whilst working 2 jobs) and I loved it. Some bits upset me, some bits annoyed me and sometimes it dragged on a bit. But mostly it was amazing and you have to have those other bits in a good story. Thank you for writing this and entertaining me.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it on the whole, K

2017.03.10 - 07:20AM
373: Chapter 373

Oh Oh, I'm blushing! I've sat on that wheelchairramp. Windsor ist Great. I once tried to drag my mum around virginia water too. It was after visiting the Valley Garden and Windsor castle so she had had enough. She enjoyed watching the Polo though.

Author's Response: Lol, I don't live far from Windsor so probably go there once every couple of months to mooch, I've never sat on the wheelchair ramp but I do sit outside the Costa Coffee opposite and watch the chaos!

2016.02.29 - 01:08AM
778: Chapter 778

Why can't men just sit down to pee? I guess it would be nice if one didn't have to expose one's lower half to the elments when peeing out in the woods or in the frozen arctic, but sittig down gives you two free hands to hold a book, for example, nothing beats that.

Author's Response: Most of the time it's the only place one can get any peace and quiet!

2015.12.16 - 12:08AM
1000: Chapter 1000

This keeps playing in my head as the Doctor wakes up John:
"John! Wake up, wake up, wake up!"
"Doctor, go back to sleep."
"I just can't. The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play."
"...Go play by yourself."
"Do you want to build a trampoliiiiine?"

Author's Response: Lol, that's just about it!

2014.10.19 - 04:05PM
916: Chapter 916

Crikey!! Tony is a right little shit.

Author's Response: I think Tony has had a bit of a raw deal and has been overlooked with everything going on, he\'s only a kid himself and he\'s seen his family torn apart and had his world turned upside down, it is to be expected that he\'s acting out a little, but he\'s a good kid really.

2014.10.03 - 06:06AM
431: Chapter 431

Why do I have a really bad feeling you're going kill Rose?!?

Author's Response: I\'m not sure that I\'m that kind.

2014.09.28 - 02:44PM
314: Chapter 314

Intruder my arse. It'll be the turtles,

Author's Response: Lol, they are certainly going to cause some chaos.

2014.09.25 - 06:59AM
240: Chapter 240

Sounds like a multiple personality disorder.

Author's Response: She\'s certainly pretty unstable at the moment and the \'Bad Wolf\' aspect has got a lot to answer for.

2014.09.21 - 12:52PM
146: Chapter 146

Oh no, I can barely read now!!

Author's Response: It\'s finally happened. Everyone is totally devastated.