Reviews For Facets

2015.02.21 - 02:42PM
5: Who Indeed

I'll probably read this again and then I can hopefully say something more than just Eeeep! I love this!

2015.02.15 - 09:37PM
5: Who Indeed

I think I neglected to talk about how HOT this story was. It was hot. Really, really hot.

Did I mention it was hot?


2015.02.15 - 09:03PM
5: Who Indeed

Once again, you leave me at wow.

The first I saw of ol' Sixy and Peri was Vengance on Varos, and I was dismayed and very upset by it. The last new (Classic) Who I had seen to that point had been the first ep of Time Flight, and it had been a couple of years. My teenaged response was to hate him, which mellowed to simple dislike for many, many years, although the Trial season did impress me a few years later. Watching Vengeance again in 2013 helped some - middle aged eyes see things differently.

The audio stories have entirely redeemed the Sixth Doctor for me - and his mellow, comfortable relationship with Evelyn was a big part of that. I still have problems with Peri's accent (nowhere near Baltimore, trust me), but I enjoy her now too.

What you have brought out of these characters in this story astounds me. I didn't know about the (not actually canon) abuse from her stepfather, but it fits her backstory, and I think is faintly alluded to in some audios. The Doctor's frustrations with his new persona was both beautiful and painful to read, as was Peri's near adoration of his pervious incarnation. I was much the same; back in the day the Fifth was MY Doctor, and to come back to the series after an enforced separation (we moved to a city where Doctor Who didn't air) to find this clown in the role did not sit well.

The tone of their fighting, the later tenderness, and all the amazing hotness inbetweed, it all fits perfectly. The D/s aspect was handled very well - as another reviewer pointed out, you didn't *tell* how the safe word and dynamic would work, you *showed* it instead. That, as I've said before demonstrates your skills as a writer. And you sure don't need a hack like me telling you so. :-)

Thank you once more, you are deepening my understanding and appreciation of characters I've spent most of my life with.

2014.06.29 - 09:56AM
1: Why

Wow this is actually pretty good! But I must stress that in the beginning clear consent and discussion was not established, so it can be a bit triggering. you may want to put a trigger warning on this chapter

Author's Response: I rather thought that the genre itself was a pretty clear trigger warning, for such people who had triggers.

2013.12.15 - 05:08PM
5: Who Indeed

Hooooolyyyyy moly was this a wonderful, truly erotic story. I'm a big fan of Six/Peri and this is one of the very few pieces of erotica that didn't seem forced (pun fully intended) at all. Kudos to you, dear author!!!

I think most fans (or at least us shippers) could see that despite the bickering, Six and Peri sincerely loved one another. Even Colin Baker admitted in "The Sixth Doctor Revisited" that by "Trial of a Time Lord", The Doctor and Peri were truly soulmates. For me personally, Colin's crowning moment as The Doctor is his reaction to what he thinks was Peri's death and his inability to save her.

Author's Response: Oh, well, they were truly flirting on screen! All the little looks and touches -- they check each other out regularly. I think Colin and Nicole, no matter what happened (she was married and it\'s none of our buisness, anyway) liked the look of one another, if nothing else. (He did bite her arse the first week they met!) Anyway, this is the only way their relationship makes sense to me. I\'m so glad you liked it!

2013.06.05 - 04:12PM
1: Why

I've been on a Six kick lately and went looking for Six/Peri fanfic. Most of what's out there has Six either being irredeemably awful, or a secret woobie. I have really, REALLY enjoyed this story, because he's neither. He's bombastic but also a bit fragile and you've brought that out beautifully. Similarly, you've done a terrific job of exploring the unhealthy but undeniable chemistry between him and Peri. Plus, super hot! ;) Seriously, thank you for taking an honest look at one of my favorite Who 'ships, even though it really is problematic in a lot of ways. Good job!

Author's Response: Oh, those two flirt ALL the TIME. I know she was married, and I know nothing probably happened, but for god\'s sake, he Bit her Butt on their first day of shooting! Don\'t tell me there wasn\'t chemistry between the actors. Thanks for the review!

2013.03.24 - 10:35AM
1: Why

Wow, a thousand times. I am a pro domme, have been involved with the BDSM community for a long time, so I have a deep understanding of twisted forms of sexuality as well as its connection in many cases to abuse. You really nailed this, and the way you connected it to these characters is breathtaking. It feels shockingly true. Not only did I find this story extremely hot, but the first chapter was so touching that it actually made me cry. I am going to read everything you have written, right now.

Author's Response: Wow. Well, it\'s not all like this, and I don\'t think all of it is very good, but thank you! I did do my research before I wrote, and I\'m glad you\'ve noticed. Let\'s hope you like the rest of it, too.

2012.06.25 - 11:45AM
1: Why

I cannot say enough how phenomenal I found it. I like all types of Who stories, but I was searching for smut when I found it. Despite the fact that I've never seen an episode with Peri or the Sixth Doctor, it was still one of the hottest pieces I've ever read. (And that's saying something; normally my fantasies are fueled by my lust for David Tennant and Chris Eccleston.)

It seems as though whenever authors write BDSM-themed smut -- whether general stuff or fanfiction -- they usually spend an inordinately large amount of page space explaining things like safewords in order to reassure the reader that the Top isn't really a bad person. You, on the other hand, don't explain; you *show*. The Doctor shows Peri what will happen when she says TARDIS, and you give us that beautiful inner dialogue in which she realizes what his earlier babbling meant, before reassuring him that there's nothing wrong with the TARDIS. Just lovely.

Once again, thank you for putting such poignant, insightful and scorching writing out there for us to enjoy.

Author's Response: Well, Peri CAN\'T talk. That\'s the whole point. If she could understand talking about it, she wouldn\'t need it. I\'m very glad you liked it. This story surprised me with how much people enjoyed it. I was just trying to make sense out of their relationship -- which seen on screen is one of the more curious to watch. He never touches her, because the way the director was working at the time, she was always dressed in like a leotard and shorts, showing as much skin as possible, so touching her was inherantly sexual. Yet at the same time, they are BOTH checking each other out so violently that they leave scorch marks on the celuloid! Thanks for telling me.

2011.08.21 - 12:31AM
1: Why

Wow! This story is incredibly painful, but in a good way. I never thought anyone could make Six/Peri make sense, but this is perfect.

Author's Response: Wow. Cool. But after you look at their relationship, there\'s really no other way it could have worked. Thanks.

2011.01.29 - 08:57AM
1: Why

This is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Author's Response: Well, I\'m glad you liked it. Thanks.

2010.06.15 - 05:28PM
1: Why

Okay. I pretty much registered here for the sole purpose of telling you how much I love this story. Trufax.

Not only is this 'fic ridiculously hot, it is also fantastically written. They both seem so in-character: Six as an uncontrollable mess of egotism and frustration and Peri as a fragile but obnoxious girl who doesn't even know what she wants. I have a hard time believing fanfic where Six is a gentle, saccharin lover and Peri is a good little angel and I am so incredibly glad to see a story that plays on the inherently fucked-up nature of their relationship.

Also, I mentioned this was hot, right? 'Cause it totally was. But really, the smut is just icing on a lovely cake of character development.

I hope you write more because you have my salivating for it.

Author's Response: Woo! Thanks so much! And actually, yes, I was thinking about another one set in the midst of Mark of the Rani, and yet a third durring The Two Doctors, and now that I\'ve gotten such rave reviews, I think I\'ll go about getting it. And it is always joyful to know that someone registered just to talk to you. Thanks so much. Sigyn

2010.06.04 - 07:01PM
5: Who Indeed

Alas, I am not good at reviews, this story was a gem polished and polished to the highest sheen. A triumph from start to finish. It's going on my favorite list.

Author's Response: Well, would you believe that if it wasn\'t for your stories, I wouldn\'t have gotten so interested in Six in the first place? You can give yourself a little preen as a stepping stone of inspiration.

2010.06.04 - 12:52PM
1: Why

I love this! I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Of course you love it, Finmagik baby. It\'s exactly your style of story!

2010.06.03 - 01:48AM
5: Who Indeed

This was a surprisingly wonderful story. When I read the summary I was a little skeptical, but you really had me hooked by the first chapter and I had to read the whole thing all right then and there. Six has always been one of my favorite Doctors and it's nice to see a story that actually does him justice. Now, it did seem pretty obvious that you were writing him as someone who doesn't actually like him. If you do, then maybe I was reading it wrong, but all the cracks on his character and his awesome Technicolor Timecoat (which, yes, I love. I'm a freak) were kind of distracting to me, but I guess it worked with the story.

It really was good though. Especially given the fact that I didn't really like the general idea of him being designed to rape Peri, I think. I wasn't a big fan of that, yet I really loved the story. It takes someone very skilled to write a story that you don't like and make you like it. If anyone else had of attempted this, I would have just been weirded out. You just did it beautifully. I actually really hope you do more. Six is certainly the hottest Doctor, Peri is one of the best companions, and those two together are just awesome.

Author's Response: Actually, I love Six. Seriously, my friends are teasing me about my Six crush. The problem is that I\'m writing him through the POV of Peri, and Peri has issues. At this point she has to hate him in order to be able to love him -- ain\'t abuse victims grand? I didn\'t think of him as being set up to rape Peri, just that he was more able to access the part that is in everyone\'s psyche that can be a bit more... dominant in the boudoir area. There was a safeword, and she liked it -- it\'s not rape. He wouldn\'t have done it if he hadn\'t realized it was what she wanted. I think he would have cut it off before he did anything she didn\'t want, at some level. I\'m glad you liked it. I\'m trying like a bad dog right now to make some sense out of Trial of a Time Lord, which is a logistics problem that is causing me some trouble, but I\'m getting there.

Author's Response: Oh, and I actually like the coat, too. It\'s just that it distracts from his face, and that, I think, was one of the things that spelled poor Colin Baker\'s premature demise. If the colors were just a shade or two less bright, it would have been brilliant.

2010.05.26 - 12:11PM
5: Who Indeed

*happy sigh* Awesome story. You really make both of these flawed characters work, and work together. (Six! Sexy! Who'd a thunk it?) I also love the idea that a companion around at regeneration helps shape that regeneration. It makes so many things make sense. It's also interesting that assumed canon has Nine being the regeneration directly after (or resulting from) the end of the Time War, and that seems to be the other version of the Doctor that fanfic writers love to write BDSM-y stories about. The other one who regenerated in an environment of anger and loss and self-loathing. And you could argue for Rose influencing Nine into Ten the same way your story suggests that Peri helped produce Six. Hmmm hmmm hmmm. My brain will be rattling with this all day...And now my lunch is over and I'm supposed to get back to work and be productive! Sigh.
Seriously, excellent story, can't wait to read more of your stuff!

Author's Response: Woo, thanks. I can\'t wait wait to be read. And the characters only work when they\'re together. When we lost Peri in Trial he just didn\'t work at all with Mel... for the two whole episodes we had to deal with her screaming in the key of F.

Author's Response: And six IS sexy. Have you seen pictures of him when he was younger? He looks so much like Ianto it\'s distracting.