2010.10.23 - 09:31AM
1: Chapter 1

fantastic! I'm beginning to feel a bit odd leaving you so many reviews...but I had to say how glad I am I was recced this and how much I am enjoying your Shalka Doc series. The characterisation of him is just truly lovely. He never loses being snappish or irate or reluctant and a wee bit frightened but he is STILL always the Doctor, just really splendidly done! I'm so sad I have only one left :(

2010.10.17 - 03:24AM
1: Chapter 1

Hello! I read this series some years back when I was just getting into fandom. Finding new instalments is like the best treat ever! Your Shalka!Nine and Master are so perfect, and the series fits in with the framework of the webcast so well, that I was more than half-convinced that you were Paul Cornell under cover. I'd be rushing on to read the next instalment, but I've just spent the last five hours reading and re-reading and now it's time to sleep. Thanks for sharing!

2010.07.24 - 10:19PM
1: Chapter 1

Hello again, Sol. Just came back and read this whole thing through, riveted. The notion of a morale officer whose job it is to kill anyone who lacks enthusiasm is just ... chilling for how easily it could be true. And I find it interesting that there's a bit of a parallel here between the Cybermens' single-minded determination to survive, and that same determination in humanity, forged by the war with the Daleks.

Your Master is compelling; it was fantastic to watch that batch of soldiers encountering that dark radiance and not knowing what to do about it. Falling unaware into the clutches of a Time Lord. It's fascinating to watch his humor, his bitterness and wit, and see what it is the Doctor loves in him -- and also why the Doctor keeps him confined. Because he's still who he is, who he always was, and that is never going to change.

I'm very interested to see how this will play out.

2010.06.03 - 10:47PM
13: Chapter 13

Oooh, I just caught up with part 13. Yay for Selby! And oh no, the Master is setting plans in motion; this can't be good! Thanks for picking up this series again, it's always brilliant.

2010.05.14 - 09:10AM
13: Chapter 13

Ooo. Very not good.... but typical Master. Wonderful!

2010.05.12 - 11:24PM
12: Chapter 12

Oh jeez. Kallon really stepped in it this time. Oh no! Must we rely on the Master to come to the rescue????

2010.05.09 - 07:13PM
8: Chapter 8

Cybermen! I thought it might be them from your description at the beginning of this chapter, but they seem so much more terrifying and sinister than what we've seen in the show. *shudders* Rising from the grave is a nice touch... is there a cyber conversion factory underground?

2010.05.07 - 09:36PM
7: Chapter 7

OMG, Robot ghola! Um, maybe?

2010.05.04 - 07:51PM
4: Chapter 4

"Gentlemen. Welcome."

Oh, they are in such deep you-know-what....

loved this chapter. The Doctor's stance on the soldiers is fascinating. Sometimes "the right thing to do" is tough to figure out.

2010.05.03 - 08:39PM
3: Chapter 3

"What do you think this is, the middle ages? Get your own coffee."

Hah! And oh my, something is definitely lurking here. more graves than soldiers, what's that about?

2010.05.02 - 09:41PM
2: Chapter 2

Why hello there. What a delight to discover you're still writing -- and this looks as fascinating as ever.

Author's Response: Hi Mare! Yup, still alive, and while a sensible person might have quit while he was ahead and let \"my\" Doctor walk away into the sunset, a sensible person wouldn\'t be writing Doctor Who stories in the first place.

2010.05.02 - 05:21PM
1: Chapter 1

I read this series a while back and then sadly forgot about it. My bad. And I can't believe I haven't commented on it.. because it IS good. I'm probably one of the rare few who thought that "Shalka" wasn't really quite as bad as it was painted. I've long thought there were some very good lines of dialogue there and that REG delivered many of them with a delightfully dry wit... a delightful dry wit that I've found here as well.

I love the idea of 'Alternate Universe' Doctors including the "Shalka Doctor" -- they provide a freedom to color outside the lines and as far as I'm concerned Soldeed.... color away!

2010.05.01 - 08:53PM
1: Chapter 1

A new installmet??? OMG it's like better than Christmas! :D Good start too; I like the mousetrap game, heh. and of course the Doctor and Co. land right in the middle of the military. Intrigued, great descriptions and prose as usual, very visual. I'm waiting patiently for more :D

Author's Response: Hi Eve! It\'s with some trepidation that I\'m writing a new story about a Doctor most people don\'t even remember, so nice to see you here :-)