Reviews For The Silent Village

2012.05.30 - 07:24AM
1: Entre Act

Well drawen characters and a realistic setting - two of my favourite campions. Thank you for adding to the seemingly small amount of Ian/Barbara fiction out there and doing it so well

2010.05.04 - 09:51AM
1: Entre Act

Never enough Ian/Barbara love, so I was thrilled to see this.
You've created a beautiful and heartbreaking story here. A very real look at one of the darker sides of time travel, with a clear portrait of their respective personalities. Ian exhausting himself to provide graves for unknown people when there's no one left to appreciate the effort. Barbara sacrificing herself to give comfort for an infant in its last moments. Most of all, the relationship of so much unspoken between the two of them. Lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you! I wrote it partly out of my own need to seem some of the \'Ian/Barbara\' love, and intimacy when they simply could not be openly intimate. I\'m glad that you enjoyed it.