Reviews For Right Beside You

2010.05.06 - 01:20PM
4: Chapter 4

he's out there and Rose doesn't know where he is. But he's doing the sme thing the Doctor would do...good for him.

Author's Response: Yeah he is...but he \'did\' promise to check in with her every week. Thanks for reviewing xx

2010.05.03 - 01:22PM
4: Chapter 4

Oooh, this is very good! Doctor (Smith) without (Tardis or) Borders? He definitely needs a mission for his life - beyond loving Rose.

Can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: Ohh thank you for the lovely review- more coming Friday afternoon (UK time) xx

2010.04.30 - 07:51PM
4: Chapter 4

Oh, I'm glad he's ok. And I hope the baby will be ok, too.

Author's Response: Weelll, he was always going to be alright, shipper all the way I am ;) The baby will be fine too, now she\'s got the Doctor looking after her. But Rose...????