Reviews For Killing Suzie

2011.08.01 - 02:01AM
1: Chapter 1

Ooh. This was actually good. For one thing, it's original -- not the typical Isn't everything sad or Isn't everything perfect tripe you usually get in fanfiction (even in mine -- but that's why I'm writing it. I get to write tripe every once in a while.) It had an internal progression and a logical premise. And it explored an aspect of the show which was never adequately explained. You might throw in a bit about the knife. And, for an abuse victim, you definately would want some reference to power -- as a child she was powerless. With this glove, she has unlimited power. The story had real insight, and for proof, I'm actually giving it a real review, including things that could be made better. Keep on this. Good work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m so pleased someone finally reviewed this one. I don\'t think too many people liked it.