Reviews For Echoes of Summer

2017.03.30 - 05:59AM
5: Alone In This Bed

I read through 4 chapters before I realised I read this on ff net ^_^'

2014.08.24 - 02:40AM
45: From the Beginning

Dear god this put my emotions through the ringer. And I'm finishing this with a heavy heart and literal tears streaming down my face.

I was even hesitant to add it to my favorites because it doesn't have a happy ending and now I'm just really sad. But I added it because it's so well done and beautiful and so unbelievably heart breaking that it's astounding.

I really wish that there was a way for Rose to stay- I wish that more than anything. But the ending... God the ending was beautiful and heart breaking and I just... No words.

No words.

2014.07.23 - 02:31PM
45: From the Beginning

I think I hate you just a bit... Beautifully written but still so effing sad. I was hoping so much that she would end up with him. Now I am just crying. Curse fanfiction authors am who make me more emotional over my OTP then the original storyline. Great writing even though it didn't end how I wanted it to. Writers prerogative and all that. ;-)

2014.03.20 - 02:39PM
45: From the Beginning

Hi, I just wanted to thank you infinitely for your wonderful fic, it is the second time I read it, it's hard to face all the feelings that I feel, but worth it, because despite the tears, is that ultimately transmits the great love between these two beings that we are so real it hurts.
My language is Spanish, I read English well, but it is difficult to write, so I'll leave my comment in Spanish and in English I hope you understand because I could not comment as exceptional history, as you've written previously. I look forward to reading more in the future of Rose and the Doctor by
Hola, solo queria agradecerte infinitamente por tan maravilloso fic, es la segunda vez que lo leo, pues es dificil afrontar todos los sentimientos que me produce, pero vale la pena, pues a pesar de las lagrimas, se que al final trasmite el gran amor entre estos 2 seres que para nosotros son tan reales que duele.
Mi idioma es el español, leo bien el ingles, pero me es dificil escribirlo, asi que te dejo mi comentario en español e en un ingles que espero entiendas pues, no podía dejar de comentar tan excepcional historia, como las que anteriormente haz escrito. Espero seguir leyendo en el futuro mas de Rose y el Doctor mediante ti.

2014.01.16 - 06:01PM
45: From the Beginning

You are probably long past this story but I wanted to say you wiped me out emotionally, beautifully done.

2013.07.30 - 12:17AM
1: Prologue - In The End

My god that was so good and heartbreaking! You are a brilliant writer!

2012.07.08 - 02:40PM
1: Prologue - In The End

omg, SO, so, so sad and heartbreaking, these last few chapters. It's almost too much. You do a great job of balancing on that line; I found myself crying through the last two chapters.

2012.07.05 - 10:51PM
1: Prologue - In The End

I'm not sure right now if I adore you for writing something so beautiful or if I kinda hate you for breaking my heart. Either way this was a very powerful and moving tale. This was a work of art thank you for sharing it with us.

2012.02.03 - 10:37PM
1: Prologue - In The End

I am almost speechless at the amazing beauty of your story. Wow, just wow. I could not stop reading it. How did you think of it? Amazing! Heartrending and yet so perfect! Seriously, I am at a loss. I think I may have to come back to tell you more when I can actually make sense of my thoughts. Wow! What a ride!

Author's Response: LOL! I think your thoughts made perfect sense! And how did I think of it? Just came to me one day a long time ago and grew from there. One of the best times of my life! :)

2012.01.24 - 07:38PM
1: Prologue - In The End

Sobbing. Beautiful, and such a creative idea. So well crafted and it fits together flawlessly.

Still, it was the kind of angst that tries to rip your soul apart...which means lots and lots of tears...

Author's Response: Hee! I love that kind of angst! I know it can be hard to stomach and I know a lot of people don\'t give the fic a chance because of that. But I\'m glad some people can read this and enjoy it still! :)

2012.01.23 - 09:49PM
45: From the Beginning

I have to say, I have never sobbed so hard at the end of a story before.
Ugh that was wonderful.

Author's Response: LMAO! Was it ugly crying? I hear I do that to a lot of people with this fic. And don\'t think I didn\'t see those tumblr posts and sobs you have going on in your tumblr, lol!

2011.10.05 - 04:52PM
45: From the Beginning

Just now coming back to comment. This was the first DW fic I ever read - and boy, did you set the bar high for any story to follow. Truly great!

2011.04.20 - 08:36PM
7: The Second Tear

Wow you write amazingly well and I am utterly flumoxed! Don't want spoilers for everyone but I really need to know - Is this going to have a happy ending for the doctor and rose because I'm getting really into it but I really need something upbeat at the moment and it looks like everything is going to be undone?

2011.04.13 - 02:59PM
45: From the Beginning

Absolutely beautiful. Probably my favourite story I've read on this site...

Author's Response: *blink, blink* Seriously?? Awesome! Thank you!

2011.04.07 - 10:21PM
45: From the Beginning

I am sobbing. Sobbing!

Oh, my God! That was heartbreaking and gorgeous!

Author's Response: Yay for sobbing! Thank you for that! If I can get a reaction like that out of readers, I know I did a good job! Woohoo!