Reviews For Somewhere Nice

2010.10.07 - 10:44PM
1: Somewhere Nice

Ooooohhhh - another person who loved Labyrinth and remembers it for David Bowie in tight pants!!!!
Truly though - that was just lovely. They do need to take time out and go Somewhere Nice every now and then. On with the adventures for them, lucky Rose ;)

Author's Response: Yep, I think David Bowie in tight pants was what made me aware of men in tight pants in general, being just fourteen or so at the time that movie came out. Yeah, they definitely need to have these breathers now and again. Gives them a chance to just be still amongst all the running.

2010.09.24 - 12:47PM
1: Somewhere Nice

They so deserve a day off and together. Lol loved the use of the goblin king to describe the pants.

Author's Response: Thank you. Yes, they did. Well, I find that as far as Jareth\'s leggings go, everyone seems to know how tight they are, so it was the perfect thing to compare the Doctor\'s leggings to!

2010.03.18 - 06:12PM
1: Somewhere Nice

Absolutely loved it.
Especially, the reference to Labyrinth!


Author's Response: Thank you. Oh, Labyrinth was my favorite moive as a kid. It finds it\'s way into things sometimes because of that.