Reviews For The Brain Zappers

2010.12.08 - 12:02AM
10: Chapter 10

Must say, I've enjoyed this story so far, as well as its predecessor! You've created strong original characters, which I think is hard to do. Kudos! Can't wait to see more.

2010.09.10 - 02:34PM
9: Chapter 9

Oooh, very mysterious.
I love where this is going~

And that last part sounded a lot like the Doctor, always defending his fashion sense :P

2010.06.09 - 03:53PM
8: Chapter 8

y'know ... this ... is ... freaking awesome. just to let you know ... it's one of my favorite stories, and a bit lacking in reviews, so i thought i'd share this ...

2010.05.16 - 02:37PM
6: Chapter 6

Oooh the plot thickens! I can't wait for the next bit.

2010.04.10 - 05:42PM
3: Chapter 3

I really enjoyed your first story. Can't wait to read more :)

2010.04.06 - 06:34PM
3: Chapter 3

Brilliant! I absolutely love Hayley and Spiny! And I find myself not caring if this is canon or not! Brilliant! Update soon please!