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2014.04.27 - 05:05AM
13: Chapter 13

Oh wow - Vicky - I am so sorry that you felt you had to end it that way. I am glad that you have ended it though, however painful that may be for everyone, characters, readers and yourself. There is nothing like an unfinished story hanging over your head and I should know - mine keeps reminding me from time to time. Great to see you are still writing. Hang in there. Love you xoxoxoxo

Author's Response: Yeah, this really was a tale that I really loved telling, but each time I tried again something happened to leave a very bitter taste. And although I know I probably did the tale a dis-service, it really was I could do at the time. It does make me sad... but c\'est le vie... appreciated, as always. XXX

2014.04.27 - 04:53AM
12: Chapter 12

Poor Rose - she really has no choice at all, does she? I agree with Frin - really worried about her dating Saxon. Off to see what the next chapter holds. So good to see you writing again love :)

Author's Response: Thanks ree, always really & truly appreciated. X

2014.02.24 - 02:16AM
13: Chapter 13

I apologize for my initial review. It was not my intention to make anyone uncomfortable, and of course it's the writer and not the reader who determines the course of the story.

Now that you've decided to end the story this way though, please consider changing the rating to something other than 'All Ages General', and perhaps add a warning or something.

I don't think I would have been so moved to write the previous review if the utter hopelessness of the ending hadn't unexpectedly jumped up and slapped me in the face.

I was really enjoying the story up until the last chapter, and I regret not leaving reviews earlier to make that clear.

Author's Response: I appreciate your remarks and have changed the rating to reflect the change. Finishing this tale wasn\'t taken lightly, believe me, I think that I have been very open about that. Perhaps at some point I will give them a proper conclusion.

2014.02.23 - 07:54AM
13: Chapter 13

I think sometimes its up to the author and not the reader how a story pans out... if this particular one had been causing her bad karma (pardon the pun) then she had every right to go in this direction... it was painful to read, but well written and sort of hysterical... well done!

Author's Response: Thank you. I think that the review that you are referring to seems to have disappeared, rather odd that. Ah well, I suppose that it doesn\'t really matter - although, I have to say, it did make me feel rather uncomfortable. So, thank you once again.

2014.02.22 - 04:48PM
13: Chapter 13

O M G!!!!! You cannot leave them there... Rose is... and he can't help cos he isn't him... and Jackie was right and I cannot possibly concentrate on anything if that is the end... I know the ins and outs of the history of your writing this Vicky and agree with you on some levels... but bloody hell... that's harsh punishment to this whole wonderful world!!!! I hope there is balance in the next story you write!! Cries a little... and hardens a little inside... WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Author's Response: I know, really I do. And I am sorry if my tale hurt, but I really couldn\'t see any other way out. This was not a decision that I made lightly. Also, I would rather complete a story than abandon - particularly one that I had been extremely fond of. One that I had worked on, had plotted out. But, as I said in the AN\'s - this was all I could do. Thanks for your support SOM. Always appreciate it. XXXX

2014.02.21 - 03:50PM
12: Chapter 12

She never has a choice, does she? So sad and so not fair and I am very worried about the possibility of her dating a man named Harold Saxon... fills me with all sorts of bad and the last chapter was so full of happy.... more soon please SOM? XXXX

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for that SOM. I think any tale that has the Master in it can only lead to trouble - and not fun trouble. More soon! XXXX

2014.02.02 - 03:42AM
11: Chapter 11

Love the hand holding - even though he doesn't know who she is to him. Wow - has something happened or is Jack just worried because he couldn't get a hold of her? What did Mickey find out in Cardiff? More soon please :)

Author's Response: Thanks once again ree! I am in the process of the next few chapters. The whole tale is mapped out and I really intend not to let time slip away again! All will become clear, I promise! Thank you!! :) X

2014.02.02 - 03:34AM
10: Chapter 10

Just did a quick skim to refresh my mind as to where we were with this. Love the way you picked the flow of this back up straight away. Worried about where this might be heading but hope everything will be ok in the end.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I was amazed at the gappage in updating this, it didn\'t feel that long to me - sighs. We have a bit of a way to go, but you know me... ;)

2014.01.30 - 05:41PM
11: Chapter 11

Aw... the feels are massive... he is still him no matter what... and Jack is really not very happy with her... has something happened or is just because her phone was off and they were late? Daddy Jack at large... Lovely SOM, more soon if you please? XX

Author's Response: Thanks for that Frin. I really, really did enjoy writing this chapter and I am very glad that you liked it. The next chapter will tell you why Jack was unhappy. Thank you SOM! XXXX

2014.01.24 - 04:46PM
10: Chapter 10

Brilliant... straight back into it with very little need to recap... I am as worried about those 2 as Jack, so don't keep us waiting another few years?? Most excellent SOM XXX

Author's Response: Oh I am glad of that... really I am! No, no intention of letting years pass by this time. Thank you SOM!!! XXXX

2014.01.24 - 04:33PM
9: Chapter 9

I was sure that I reviewed this, remember the whole auction quite vividly and am confused that there isn't one here! Made me smile and gasp a little... XXXX

Author's Response: I thought that you had too! But thank you again!! Smiling & gasping is good!! XXXX

2014.01.24 - 04:22PM
10: Chapter 10

Just found this, love it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

2010.11.24 - 11:44PM
9: Chapter 9

Oh I want this to finish! ;)

Author's Response: As below!!

2010.11.24 - 11:44PM
9: Chapter 9

Oh I want this to finish! ;)

Author's Response: In a good way?!!! I will get back to it... when time & RL allow! :)

2010.10.07 - 06:54AM
9: Chapter 9

Review 50 - yay for me!!!!
Don't worry Rose - I'll outbid Theda for the Doctor and take good care of him for you ;)
Vicky - this needs updating soon if you please xxxxxxx

Author's Response: Thanks! Well - we\'ll have to see how this one will develop... I do intend to get back to this fairly soon... so thank you... and, please, be patient!!