Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.26 - 06:41AM
78: Chapter 78

Common sense no board the TARDIS?
Hee! Hee!

Author's Response: They are going to have one big holiday group!

2010.04.26 - 06:39AM
77: Chapter 77

photographic evidence?

WICKED!!!!!!! LOL!

Author's Response: It is a bit mean isn\'t it... but I am sure it will be good blackmail material - if there is a future

2010.04.26 - 06:37AM
81: Chapter 81

Can't see the screen through my tears. Thank you for the conversation between the Doctor and Martha.

Author's Response: You\'re welcome

2010.04.26 - 06:29AM
80: Chapter 80

Oh dear! I can't blame Martha for giving Jack and the Doctor a lecture - she is their primary Health Care person, after all. But I can see the Doctor's PoV too, about not wanting everyone to be listening to his agonies.

Author's Response: All their relationships are coming under some strain because of what had passed and what is to come...

2010.04.26 - 02:32AM
81: Chapter 81

Oh this is so sad. He's going off alone, he so needs everyone around him.

Author's Response: Yeah... he\'s not in a happy place

2010.04.26 - 01:50AM
77: Chapter 77

Why is Francine slapping the Doctor before she even knows if there's anything wrong? Bit of an overreaction, I think.

Author's Response: When I was about nine my brother fell off his bed and banged his head and started crying... I wasn\'t even in the room! My dad, heard the thud and then him crying from downstairs... came upstairs and into my room... slapped me... and then went and asked my brother what I had done to him this time lol... guess it was just conditioning...

2010.04.26 - 01:01AM
81: Chapter 81

Its so sad... The Doctor should have said goodbye to them, they may be mad he didn't.... Itw as good he and matha talked....


Author's Response: I think Jack is going to have one or two things to say about him going off without saying goodbye.

2010.04.26 - 12:42AM
80: Chapter 80

Drayton is terrible, don't blame Jack for going at him...

He needs to tell Jack...and River...

Author's Response: River has kind of been left out a bit hasn\'t she?

2010.04.26 - 12:23AM
81: Chapter 81

I don't think i'm being overly sensitive...that actually made me tear up. I love those little moments, while rare, where the Doctor opens up. And then in true Doctor fashion, goes off alone... :(

Author's Response: I am not sure he actually wants to go this time, he just doesn\'t seem he has a chance, which makes it harder for him. He wants to stay, but if he is with the others when he is infected he is putting them at risk as well... but then if he stayed would he get infected? Does going prevent him from getting infected and is he going to come back and find the others have been infected and he is the only one who is safe and leaving meant he was unable to treat them? Who knows?

2010.04.26 - 12:22AM
79: Chapter 79

It must be really bad if he is going to see Drayton....

Author's Response: Something isn\'t right with it, because it shouldn\'t have gone the way it did.

2010.04.26 - 12:20AM
81: Chapter 81

Man, stop reading for a little while and I have like 20 chapter to catch up on. You sure made me tear up on that last one. So beautiful and bitter sweet.

Author's Response: Glad you\'re still reading... but yeah - he\'s gone.

2010.04.26 - 12:17AM
81: Chapter 81

*Sniff* Ok, that made me cry. ;(

Author's Response: Sorry

2010.04.26 - 12:12AM
78: Chapter 78

Its nice to see Wif...the Doctor should be more careful, hurting himself like that again...

Author's Response: He didn\'t do it deliberately or by being daft... it just happened...

2010.04.26 - 12:08AM
80: Chapter 80

Drayton is an animal. He didn't need to hurt him! But, um,(being observant again)shouldn't the skeleton be wearing then brace if it's only been six months from when he broke his leg?

Author's Response: Is he an animal? He is sick and his mind is affected by a medical condition... if he is an animal for hitting the Doctor / killing people... does that mean the Doctor is an animal if he gets infected and is responsible for the killing of the people in that grave?? There are certain parallels there... both will have medical conditions that affect their behaviour, if Drayton is an animal... then so is the Doctor... and yep... eagle eyes about the leg brace

2010.04.25 - 11:59PM
77: Chapter 77

I hope Sarah-Jane can talk to the Doctor about what is bothering him, she knows something is not right...K-9 in the Tardis again that's so nice...

Francie knowing about boots and Elmo, I wonder who took the pictures, maybe

Author's Response: I bet it was Mickey... imagine him sneaking in with his mobile...