Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.27 - 01:52AM
72: Chapter 72

Re. your question about slash - it's a reference to same sex pairings - the slash refers to this: / - which is the slash between character names that's used to denote a pairing (or moresome). Slash usually refers to 2 guys, while the term femslash is used for 2 girls.

Author's Response: Cool... thanks. I\'m not really up with all of that yet.

2010.04.27 - 01:46AM
83: Chapter 83

Hmm, so they're part way to saving the Doctor's life - now they just have to get hold of him to tell him that!

Author's Response: Yep... Time Lords extinct because the Doctor turns off his phone... idiot!

2010.04.27 - 01:01AM
83: Chapter 83

Not good...He would turn his phone off... They need to find him, its a good thing they found someone who could help them...

Author's Response: All they need to do now is let the Doctor know that they can help him.

2010.04.27 - 12:47AM
82: Chapter 82

I think Martha did the right thing in telling Jack, he knew something was up...

I hope they can find another place that has more advanced research that can help out...its bad the Doctor has to be on his own, this is a heavy burden on him....

Author's Response: Yeah, he did. It\'s not going to be much fun for the Doctor.

2010.04.26 - 08:28PM
83: Chapter 83

Oh this isn't good.

Author's Response: It isn\'t looking very good at the moment. He needs to turn his bloody phone on!

2010.04.26 - 08:19PM
82: Chapter 82

I understand why Jack's mad but what Martha did was clever. If they can find the cure then the Doctor doesn't have to die.

Author's Response: She is trying her hardest to come up with something new.

2010.04.26 - 07:16PM
83: Chapter 83

all they needed! a bunch of jokers!

Author's Response: At least they got there in the end and something positive came out of the meeting. Hopefully they will be able to cure the parasite when it happens now.

2010.04.26 - 07:15PM
82: Chapter 82

Jack is pissed!

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s not too happy with the Doctor at the moment.

2010.04.26 - 05:42PM
83: Chapter 83

I had a feeling it wasn't going to be easy to reach the Doctor.

Author's Response: He is an idiot.

2010.04.26 - 05:29PM
82: Chapter 82

I'm glad Martha told Jack. I don't think she could've borne the burden of it on her own, and now they can try to find a way to change the timeline (if they can).

Author's Response: Martha has done what she thinks is the least likely thing for her to have done and she has betrayed his confidence... that hurts her both personally as his friend, but also professionally as his doctor... so maybe that is the key to stopping it... or maybe it is a thought process she has already been through once before?

2010.04.26 - 05:14PM
81: Chapter 81

So I've been reading along and not stopping to review, because truthfully the way you write makes me not want to stop! I always want to move right on to the next chapter, and I'm always happy when there's a next chapter there ready and waiting (or several next chapters, which is frequently the case, to my delight). Anyway, at this point I've gotten so far behind on the reviewing, I've decided to leave you one long review here before going on. You did a great job of depicting the pain of the Doctor's leg break, and everyone's frustration and helplessness, and all the various setbacks and issues made sense. I have to admit that when they were fitting the positive pressure cast I wondered why they didn't just sedate the Doctor, but then on second reading (yes, I read some of these chapters more than once) I remembered the bit about how that would make it more likely that he would regenerate. I wondered why Drayton knows so much more about Time Lord bone density than the Doctor seems to, though -- since he had time to plan for his own treatment, wouldn't he have thought of a positive pressure cast? But I was able to go with it in the story. As for this chapter, it is so sad that the Doctor really thinks he's going to die and is saying goodbye to everyone without them knowing it. I'm glad that he's at least opened up to Martha, and I understand why he's kept it from Jack and River. I can't wait to read where this goes next, even though I think it's going to get nerve-wracking!

Author's Response: Well, thanks for the long review lol. I\'m glad that you enjoyed it and that you want to keep reading... Drayton knows a lot about high density skeleton because that is what he is - a fracture specialist, and while the Doctor prepared Martha with laser pins etc it is so rare that a Time Lord would break something (unless I\'ve got hold of him anyway) especially without regenerating that there isn\'t much. Drayton is treating him as a generic humanoid with a high density skeleton... which is why there were problems with the high density cast as well as he was supposed to walk in it but couldn\'t because of the skeletal nerves (that is my story and I am sticking to it lol... and since it is my story I\'m allowed *sticks out tongue* - nah, I appreciate the comment and it is true... but it kind of needed to happen so Drayton would be involved in the treatment or the ethical questions re Drayton / Crondor would not have come to light) There isn\'t much more of this to go now, so next few chapters might be a little nerve wracking.

2010.04.26 - 03:11PM
81: Chapter 81

Wow. I don't think I have ever read fan fiction this moving and fantastic and brilliant and... wow! Just, thank you!

Author's Response: Blimey, thank you! Glad you\'re enjoying, and thanks for your review.

2010.04.26 - 06:47AM
81: Chapter 81

so sad.

Author's Response: Yep... he\'s gone

2010.04.26 - 06:45AM
80: Chapter 80

That horrid man!
Jack should have killed Drayton then and there.

Author's Response: So by default Jack should kill the Doctor if he does become Crondor?

2010.04.26 - 06:43AM
79: Chapter 79

Asking for trouble again!

Author's Response: It is a bit risky