Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.27 - 08:21PM
87: Chapter 87

Yay, he's going to be ok. Right? RIGHT?! *poke..poke*

Author's Response: Poking??? Now you\'ve done it! *g*

2010.04.27 - 06:43PM
87: Chapter 87

It seems to have was nice to see him with James and hanah, those two are good for him, is this the end though...

Author's Response: They keep him occupied... and are innocent and tactless and... well that is what kids are for aren\'t they? Lying on the sofa watching cartoons.

2010.04.27 - 06:23PM
86: Chapter 86

This looks bad...they have killed it. Martha was great about sedfating the Doctor and the parasite...

Author's Response: Martha saved the day... if the Doctor can come back from it... it\'s done a lot of damage.

2010.04.27 - 06:06PM
85: Chapter 85

He should have knew getting bit, could be the cause of him getting infected...he is in trouble...

Author's Response: He didn\'t really think anything of it at the time... he is in a bit of trouble yeah

2010.04.27 - 05:49PM
84: Chapter 84

Jack and the Doctor brawling like two kids... I understand Jack is angry, the Doctor should not have done what he did...James, is the voice of adorable.

Author's Response: I think they both needed to get it out of their system.

2010.04.27 - 04:04PM
87: Chapter 87

Is it really over or are you messing with us? The image of the Doctor with a kids blanket and stuffed monkey made me giggle. Love it.

Author's Response: If he has learned anything over the last six years it is that lying on a sofa watching cartoons whilst wrapped in a Thomas the Tank Engine blanket and cuddling a stuffed monkey can be as rewarding and necessary as travelling the universe in the TARDIS.

2010.04.27 - 04:00PM
87: Chapter 87

Why do I get the feeling its not over yet? only chapter 87, there's no way everythings better! love it though.

Author's Response: Oh, they don\'t all have 10,000 chapters lol... this is relatively short! Glad that you\'re reading.

2010.04.27 - 03:46PM
87: Chapter 87

Theuy trhink the've killed the parasite?

Author's Response: It looks like they have done it.

2010.04.27 - 03:43PM
86: Chapter 86

This is bad!
all the preperations and precautions they took have been for nothing.

I fear Martha and Jack are too late.

Author's Response: It looks like it is gone too far... it is certainly going to take some inventive doctoring from Martha to sort out

2010.04.27 - 03:41PM
85: Chapter 85

Oh! No!

The beginning of the end.

Author's Response: It isn\'t looking good for the Doctor

2010.04.27 - 03:39PM
84: Chapter 84

James the smallest peacekeeper :o)

Author's Response: He doesn\'t understand what is going on or why they are fighting he just knows that if you do then you\'ve got to shake hands and make up because that is what Martha and his teachers tell him to do.

2010.04.27 - 02:30PM
85: Chapter 85


Author's Response: Um... yes...

2010.04.27 - 02:21PM
84: Chapter 84

Well, he did deserve a good pounding for leaving without saying goodbye and turning his phone off. I love James. He made them shake hands and say sorry. :)

Author's Response: I\'m not sure the Doctor deserved it, but they both needed to let off some steam - Jack more than the Doctor... James put them straight.

2010.04.27 - 01:12PM
85: Chapter 85

Oh dear god!!

Author's Response: It\'s starting...

2010.04.27 - 05:42AM
72: Chapter 72

Thanks Persiflage :o)

Author's Response: Ditto lol