Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.05 - 06:20AM
3: Chapter 3

See, Jack's the sensible one, suggesting that the Doctor pop back to see Martha. While Ten's the daft one, wanting to drag himself back to the dig site, even though he can barely stand.

Author's Response: Usual pattern of self destructiveness mounting, but... at least he knows it isn\'t going to kill him lol when his skeleton is in the grave already.

2010.04.05 - 05:26AM
7: Chapter 7

Is he serious?

Coby thinks the Doctor is his father?

Author's Response: It should become clear whether he is and who he is over the next couple of chapters.

2010.04.05 - 05:14AM
6: Chapter 6

Nettled! HAH! LOL! Shame on the Doctor for scaring Jack!

Ten's such a baby!

Author's Response: Awww... don\'t be mean! Nettles hurt lol.

2010.04.05 - 03:03AM
7: Chapter 7


Author's Response: Lol

2010.04.04 - 11:32PM
6: Chapter 6

Coby sounds like he may have a clue to the mystery, if he was effected like the Doctor was...

Author's Response: He may be have a clue... or... he could well be another little mystery of his own... or... he could just be a pleasant distraction from what is in that grave.

2010.04.04 - 11:21PM
5: Chapter 5

The Doctor does not like being pitied, that is for sure. Both of them care so much about him... I hope they find out this mystery...

Author's Response: Bits and pieces are going to come together as they find more out, but sometimes it might just be better not to know...

2010.04.04 - 10:53PM
6: Chapter 6

Hmmm....Coby sounds interesting. Is Jack right about him being a Time Lord? More please!

Author's Response: You\'re going to know who Coby is in the next couple of chapters, he\'s an alternate version of someone you have already met in another of my stories.

2010.04.04 - 08:49PM
5: Chapter 5

What is really bothering the Doctor is not the skeleton but Jack's and River's treating him like he were already in that grave.

Author's Response: They are making him feel like he\'s a condemned man or just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. It is hard for them to rationalise that it could be hundreds of years in the future when there is literally a skeleton in the closet (or TARDIS science lab drawer anyway)

2010.04.04 - 08:22PM
4: Chapter 4

Ok, what really happened to him and those others? Is there a way to stop it? These are the questions that need answers. :) (And you're going to hurt him again, aren't you?)

Author's Response: The answers to those questions will come. (yup - lots *w*)

2010.04.04 - 08:12PM
3: Chapter 3

The only other thing it can be is...TenII!

Author's Response: Nice try lol.

2010.04.04 - 07:49PM
4: Chapter 4

Another "fact" for the Doctor to deal with. Poor alien!

Knowledge of his death is highly disturbing to him but at least Jack and River are there to comfort him.

Author's Response: Apart from Jack, perhaps death is the only true fact of life? I am not sure how much of a comfort Jack and River are going to be because they will have their own concerns and dealing with the knowledge that their saviour, friend, lover, confident, and companion is going to die.

2010.04.04 - 07:44PM
4: Chapter 4

The Doctor try's to look at the bones, which are his in a distant way...but he does care and does not want to die in that way.

Can't wait to hear more....

Author's Response: He had a little wobble, but he is probably going to be the most I was going to say dispassionate but I dont think that is the right word, scientific and grounded are probably better. But yeah, he does care, but if he breaks down where does that leave River and Jack?

2010.04.04 - 07:36PM
3: Chapter 3

It has to be him in another incarnation!

Author's Response: It\'s looking less likely.

2010.04.04 - 07:16PM
3: Chapter 3

Very nice...

The Doctor is still not well, hope they can find out what happened to the skeleton, if it is him... and hope they can find out how to stop him from ending up there....

Author's Response: And all the women and children in there too... because there must be a link.

2010.04.04 - 06:13PM
2: Chapter 2

If it is him or a future self, the shock of touching the skeleton would make him ill.... Can't wait to find out...

Author's Response: It\'s coming... won\'t be too long before they find out who it is... but then they have to find out what happens...