Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.06 - 08:29PM
9: Chapter 9

This'll be good for the Doctor, to feel like a dad again.

Author's Response: I think the Doctor needs Coby as much as Coby needs the Doctor.

2010.04.06 - 08:26PM
9: Chapter 9

He's going to be a great dad, if he survives this, and Jack will be a great stepdad.

Author's Response: They have no time line on the skeleton. Even if he doesn\'t survive it he might still get a chance to be a great dad, but which would be worse?

2010.04.06 - 08:23PM
10: Chapter 10

jack is good with Coby, its nice they will get to knoiw each other, mabe Coby can see things they can't. The Doctor is a mess, good ol' jack will take care of him.

Author's Response: Coby will certainly become a feature in the group of merry Time Lord friends, because Jack and River are bonded to the Doctor and the Doctor is bonded to Coby it is easy for them to like and accept him.

2010.04.06 - 08:22PM
8: Chapter 8

Jack seemed to be a bit dismissive towarss Coby. I guess he was more concerned with getting to the bottom of wehat got the Doctor into that grave.
But I have a feeling Coby will be of more help than anyone realizes.

Author's Response: Jack has a lot of things on his mind. The Doctor isn\'t well, he needs to find out what happened to try and prevent the Doctor\'s future death and is concerned Coby will be a distraction rather than a help. I am not sure he is dismissive of him, but he isn\'t his top priority.

2010.04.06 - 08:20PM
8: Chapter 8

I had forgotten all about Almzedi. Wow! This is really going to be hard on the Doctor.

Author's Response: Awww, how could you forget poor little Almzedi lol.

2010.04.06 - 08:11PM
9: Chapter 9

In both of thier minds and heart they are like Father adn son. I hope each get to know each other, this will be intereesting...Doctor still is not well...

Author's Response: It is going to take some time, but I think they will learn they still know each other even if they don\'t realise it. The temporal affect is still making the Doctor feel a little off.

2010.04.06 - 08:03PM
8: Chapter 8

You can tell the Doctor feels so much for Coby and leaving him has left a mark on him....

Author's Response: In Almzedi the separation in itself made the Doctor quite ill, but there has been no chance for that to happen here, but he certainly has a connection to him and cares about him.

2010.04.05 - 09:11PM
7: Chapter 7

Well, wasn't expecting that last bit...His father, well that's an interesting twist... Injusred himself again, i was worried this was the time he broke his leg...

Can't wait to hear more...

Author's Response: No broken leg this time, just a sore knee. Whether Coby is the Doctor\'s son remains to be seen, but I think it is going to take some explaining.

2010.04.05 - 02:33PM
7: Chapter 7

Who is the mysterious benefactor that has brought this band of humans and non-humans together?
Are events already changing as the Doctor's injuries increase? Tune in next time (which I can hardly wait!)

Author's Response: Glad that you\'re enjoying and looking forwards to the next installment. We may find out who the benefactor is it may remain a mystery.

2010.04.05 - 02:04PM
7: Chapter 7

Heheheh! I knew it! He's the Doctor's son! But how?!

Author's Response: You\'re going to have to wait until the next chapter is validated to find out lol.

2010.04.05 - 01:48PM
4: Chapter 4

Ahh...the foreshadowing in this chapter has me on edge,(in a good way). I shared River and Jack's reaction to the Doctor's clinical and detached examination of his bones. As a reader you know Bad Things are in store for the Doctor and there will be mysteries to be solved.

Author's Response: I think the Doctor has to view it clinically doesn\'t he otherwise no one is going to figure out what happened. If he loses it he is just going to drive River and Jack deeper into state of panic. Plenty of mysteries to be had and plenty of ups and downs on the way.

2010.04.05 - 09:00AM
1: Chapter 1

Is it lame to say that when I saw that there were 6 updates to stories in my inbox I had ny fingers crossed/kinda guessed that it might be you updating? Either way! What a timey wimey story! I can't wait to see where you go with this because you have that wonderful tendency to not always to the happy ending which keeps the danger real the whole time.

Author's Response: Sorry that it took longer than I anticipated to update, but it is all ready to go now barring the odd typo I am picking up along the way. I wanted to take my time to get this right as there are quite a lot of things going on in it, as for happy endings? That depends on if they can figure out what happens in order to prevent him ending up in that grave doesn\'t it?

2010.04.05 - 06:55AM
7: Chapter 7

Bwuh?!?! O-kay! That I wasn't expecting!

Author's Response: Lol... neither were they!

2010.04.05 - 06:48AM
6: Chapter 6

Ouchies! Nettle stings are a BITCH! NOW he needs his Martha. :D

Author's Response: Can you imagine Martha if he turned up in the TARDIS because he had been nettled?! I dont think he would ever live it down, but agree with you and him, nettles are the scourge of the universe and should be exterminated.

2010.04.05 - 06:43AM
5: Chapter 5

LOL very much at the last line...

Author's Response: Think he\'d died and gone to heaven.