Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.07 - 08:33PM
15: Chapter 15

Martha was the right choice to make in coming to, she has a quick mind and may see something they do not...Hope they can prevent it...

Author's Response: As things develop the Doctor is going to need Martha, not only physically, but emotionally. He is going to need someone he can confide in so he can stay strong for Jack and River... with some wobbles and tension along the way.

2010.04.07 - 08:12PM
14: Chapter 14

Is that myth really about him? Something seems wrong with the Doctor, Jack is right to take him to Martha.

Hope River, Coby and team can find the answers before it becomes to later...

Author's Response: They will need to find some more things about Crondor, but the original text may hold some more answers. Jack has had enough of the Doctor saying he is alright and taking matters into his own hands. He gave him a chance to recover but he obviously isn\'t so they are going.

2010.04.07 - 06:31PM
15: Chapter 15

That's a bit eerie talking about examining your own remains. (shudder)

Author's Response: It is difficult but they have to do it.

2010.04.07 - 06:16PM
14: Chapter 14

Things are getting from bad to worse! But how can the Doctor have been Crondor? How could he kill innocent women and children with his hands?

Author's Response: Maybe he wasn\'t? Maybe the myth will lead them up the wrong path. Maybe he is and something happens to him that possesses or turns or controls him. Maybe they aren\'t innocent women or children. Everything they find just raises more questions.

2010.04.07 - 12:30PM
13: Chapter 13

Just read all thirteen at once. I so love their relationship. It's a little different than Degeneration which makes it interesting. Love how Jack and River can manipulate the Doctor. Looking forward to the rest.

Author's Response: Their relationship should feel a bit more fun in this one than in Degeneration. They both have the Doctor wrapped round their little fingers (when he lets them because he can also be a stubborn idiot as well). Glad you\'re reading and enjoying.

2010.04.07 - 01:14AM
13: Chapter 13

This is really intriguing me...

Author's Response: There are a few mysteries to work through.

2010.04.07 - 12:43AM
8: Chapter 8

The perils of time travel!

Author's Response: Yep, least he won\'t get conditioned into Koschielan this time lol.

2010.04.06 - 09:08PM
13: Chapter 13

Coby, Jack and River all know how to get the Doctor to do the sensable things.

Author's Response: They do yeah, and it is just as well really or he\'d be making himself worse.

2010.04.06 - 09:02PM
13: Chapter 13

It seems Coby knows how to convince the Doctor to go back to the tardis and rest. River would tell everyone the Doctor had to be surpervised when he was at a dig, can't blame her.

Coby and the Doctor, River and jack seem to get along great... You feel for the Doctor, he feels he has missed out on Coby's life.

Author's Response: I think Coby wants a chance to prove himself and be helpful as well as wanting the Doctor to rest and the Doctor wants to give Coby the chance to do that. After what happened the last time they were together there is no way River is letting the Doctor loose on her site. The Doctor has missed out, time has robbed it\'s last lord all over again.

2010.04.06 - 08:57PM
12: Chapter 12

Aha! I like River! she can handle the Doctor!

Author's Response: She gets him to do what she wants him to do and makes him think like that is his idea... only a woman has the skill to do that right? lol.

2010.04.06 - 08:49PM
11: Chapter 11

River's doing what I should be doing, keeping a journal or diary.

Author's Response: I have tried to keep a diary loads of times. I never have the patience or the time to write in it lol.

2010.04.06 - 08:46PM
12: Chapter 12

lol...River knows how to work the Doctor...

Author's Response: Yep... she can manipulate him into behaving and make him feel like he\'s useful at the same time.

2010.04.06 - 08:46PM
12: Chapter 12

Sneaky River! :) I wonder what the Doctor will find.

Author's Response: She knows how to get him to do what she wants and make him think like it is his idea and doing it for her lol. Whatever the Doctor finds you can pretty much guarantee they aren\'t going to like it.

2010.04.06 - 08:40PM
10: Chapter 10

Jack did the right thing in telling Coby about the skeleton.

Author's Response: It wouldn\'t have been fair for Coby to continue thinking he was responsible for making the Doctor ill. He is already uncertain enough about what the Doctor being there means, to feel guilty about his ill health as well could damage their relationship before it starts and Jack realises that.

2010.04.06 - 08:36PM
11: Chapter 11

River feels left out sometimes, a bit sad...

Author's Response: It is hard sometimes for her I think. She is a part of a loving threesome, but she also carries the knowledge that Jack and the Doctor will be together much longer.