Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.10 - 01:00AM
18: Chapter 18


Author's Response: Drugged / Drunk Doctor is not so much fun lol... he lost it.

2010.04.10 - 12:52AM
17: Chapter 17

Hee! You always write Drugged!Doctor amusingly...

Author's Response: Drugged / drunk Doctor is fun... well most of the time anyway.

2010.04.10 - 12:44AM
16: Chapter 16

LOL at the stories of the Doctor's antics when he was high.
Love that Martha's there to offer TLC of her own kind. And that she's being sensible and pragmatic instead of getting highly emotional.

Author's Response: If she descended into a highly emotional state of panic then they would never get anywhere would they? No matter how hard it is she is going to have to remain the strong one.

2010.04.09 - 11:35PM
18: Chapter 18

Maybe that legand isn't such a myth after all.

Author's Response: Well we all know that Doctor can flip out at times... and there is definitely a darkness within him... drugged, scared, and worried for Jack he was trying to do the right thing in as wrong a way as he could.

2010.04.09 - 10:32PM
18: Chapter 18

Hmmm...Am I right to think what just happened is foreshadowing, or a hint, to what might have caused him to go nuts and kill those people?

Author's Response: Maybe, maybe not lol...

2010.04.09 - 10:24PM
17: Chapter 17

Hmmm...a slightly drunk and dopey Doctor. :) I just hope Martha can figure out what happened. I don't want him to die.

Author's Response: They are going to learn more from the tests about what causes it.

2010.04.09 - 10:15PM
16: Chapter 16

Ok, I got what he was singing at the end but it was mean for Martha to theaten to toss him out of the TARDIS. :P

Author's Response: Lol... I think hearing that in a drugged mix of Gallifreyan and English on repeat would likely be enough to make anyone want to chuck him out of the TARDIS. I do assume that Martha was only joking though lol.

2010.04.09 - 11:56AM
15: Chapter 15

Happy to see the Doctor has Martha as his confidant and funny that the Doctor unwittingly spilled the beans on his skeleton. Also, I reread Almzedi and see that changing the past has far reaching consequences now in this altered present: things are going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
OT: How long does it take for admin to release Chapter 16 +?

Author's Response: The Doctor needs someone to be consistent with him despite the skeleton and Martha is always there for him. Thinking about Almzedi and this I wonder whether the alternate is not him, but River maybe. She isn\'t in Almzedi... so it mustbe her fault!

2010.04.09 - 03:06AM
14: Chapter 14

Wow! Way to raise the stakes! This Crandor myth does not look good for the Doctor or for Jack. And why do I get the feeling that this mysterious benefactor behind the dig is Jack?

Author's Response: The myth of Crondor is worrisome. Why on Earth would Jack want them to dig up the Doctor\'s skeleton? He is likely to have the hardest time in all of this. He\'s just found out he is going to kill the person he loves. You\'d think he\'d want it buried forever right? Mind you, as the story continues you may well discover that you are not alone lol.

2010.04.09 - 02:58AM
6: Chapter 6

Okay, you had me going there with the leg, too -- I think I'm going to be anxious any time the Doctor looks like he might break his leg until it actually happens! (Unless of course it never happens, but I have a feeling it will.)

Author's Response: I think everyone is going to be... but panicking every time he falls over is probably the last thing they should do right? He falls over all the time!

2010.04.09 - 02:53AM
4: Chapter 4

I liked how the Doctor was completely comfortable examining his own skeleton, to the point of absentmindedly waving bones around -- it underscored how alien he is. Personally, though, I definitely empathize with River's "How the hell can you do that?" reaction!

Author's Response: I think River and Jack are certainly reacting more emotionally to the discovery than the Doctor is - outwardly anyway.

2010.04.08 - 01:04AM
1: Chapter 1

And he finally goes to Martha :P

I am loving this stroy so far, just so you know :) Can't wait to see how this story unfolds and what happens to the Doctor to warrant so many deaths.

Author's Response: I am not sure he goes to Martha, rather he is delivered to Martha by Jack who is at the end of his tether with him lol. Glad that you\'re enjoying the story.

2010.04.08 - 12:58AM
15: Chapter 15

Oh FINALLY! Honestly, why the heck was the Doctor resisting getting Martha's help when she's a doctor and a scientist? She's not in love with/bonded to him the way River and Jack are, so she's much more capable of some dispassion to help her to cope so she can help him.

Author's Response: I am not sure he was resisting the help Martha offered, he is just concerned that everyone is going to end up treating him like a condemned man and he just wants things to be normal between now and the potential future.

2010.04.07 - 09:31PM
15: Chapter 15

I'm glad that Martha's helping but this is getting creepy.

Author's Response: Oh, creepy? It\'s not nice but they have to because the alternative is impossible to bear.

2010.04.07 - 09:21PM
14: Chapter 14

Shoots things out of his hands? The only one that could do that was... Is Crondor the Master?!

Author's Response: Nope *w*