Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.13 - 02:34PM
22: Chapter 22

Oh no! As if they didn't have enough trouble already!

Author's Response: I know!

2010.04.11 - 06:15PM
21: Chapter 21

If it is true this is not good, Poor Jack has the burden of thinking he will have to kill him...

Author's Response: Jack can handle just about everything, but I am not sure he will be able to handle that.

2010.04.11 - 06:07PM
20: Chapter 20

Its nice the relationship Coby and the Doctor is forming...
I hope River can help figure this out, she is as worried as Jack...

Author's Response: It is hard to rationalise for anyone, but especially River who almost feels responsible because she is the one that dug him up. Coby is going to fit nicely into the group and form a strong relationship with a few of them.

2010.04.11 - 05:55PM
19: Chapter 19

Martha is thinking in the same direction as he is...good thing.

Author's Response: They are both trying to work it out scientifically and it looks like they are getting somewhere. Martha\'s brilliance is being proved again and it is good for the Doctor to be able to see this so he can rely on her a little rather than have to try and deal with it all himself as I dont think he would be able to.

2010.04.11 - 05:39PM
18: Chapter 18

Doctor becoming violent, not a good thing, good thing jack was there to knock him out. Being restrained is not a good thing...

Author's Response: Being restrained is for his own good until the drugs are out of his system.

2010.04.11 - 05:27PM
17: Chapter 17

He sure is in a lot of pain, he doesn't work well, when he is drugged.

Author's Response: Drugs that are potent enough to work on him tend to effect him in other ways as well. It isn\'t much fun for him.

2010.04.11 - 05:15PM
16: Chapter 16

Martha is good, she is looking at this from a Doctor's point of view, hope they can figure this out. Seems as if the Doctor will be out of it for a bit...

Author's Response: Martha is trying her hardest to be pragmatic and professional in this. The Doctor doesn\'t do very well when sedated.

2010.04.11 - 03:50AM
20: Chapter 20

I'm surprised Jack didn't snog River straight away!

Author's Response: Lol... he pounced on her and almost made her fall into the dig site, but no he didn\'t snog her straight away.

2010.04.10 - 11:55PM
21: Chapter 21

Hmm. Well, if your intention was to give some extremely frustrating hints while not really making much sense, well done! (And I think that was in fact your intention. *g*) I did pick up something about how a regeneration wasn't going to get rid of the parasite, or at least that's how I interpreted it, but not much else. I have a feeling I might be coming back to this chapter after later events unfold.

Author's Response: I kind of wanted there to be enough in there to almost confirm that Crondor is the Doctor... bearing in mind the translation and mythical element... a timely prince could be a time lord perhaps... the toll of cloisters... could be the cloister bell... a coming storm could be the oncoming storm... things like that could be but might not be... and we might never know... *g*

2010.04.10 - 11:52PM
18: Chapter 18

It was an unexpected twist for the Doctor to become suddenly suicidal, and yet you set it up very well. I was happy when Jack finally got him subdued!

Author's Response: He kind of flipped out a little when coming around from the anaesthetic.

2010.04.10 - 09:15PM
21: Chapter 21

Ok, what I got from that is the Doctor might be taken by someone, infected then released on those poor people and Jack has to kill him.

Author's Response: It is impossible to say what is myth, historical fact, Agoraxic propaganda or misinterpreted translation.

2010.04.10 - 09:02PM
20: Chapter 20

Well, if they cremated the dead then why were they in a mads grave? My thought is that it's not a grave. Maybe whatever the Doctor did was something like opening the earth and they all got buried alive. Thus why he was found on the ledge. Sound like a good idea?

Author's Response: Blimey, them all getting buried alive? That doesn\'t sound very nice at all does it?

2010.04.10 - 03:36PM
18: Chapter 18

A drugged, out of control, suicidal, terrified Time Lord plus Captain Jack executing a terrific right hook to gain control of a dangerous situation? Priceless. :-)

Author's Response: Lol... you can\'t put that on Barclaycard.

2010.04.10 - 03:46AM
19: Chapter 19

Oh...I have the sinkign feelign they won't make it right away to collect supplies for the Doctor's upcoming broken leg...

Poor Doctor, but good to see him up and not thinking consciously so much about suicide now.

Author's Response: It was just the drugs perverting his concerns over Jack that led him to react suicidally, though he still holds it as a viable option to prevent what happens in the future, to save Jack and the Agoraxic women and children, but he\'s not going to rush into it. As for getting the supplies? We\'ll see.

2010.04.10 - 01:07AM
19: Chapter 19

Of course she's good! She's Martha Jones! :D

Author's Response: Martha is always good.