Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.29 - 01:19AM
91: Chapter 91

Don't let this be the end.....please!

Author's Response: Sorry

2010.04.29 - 01:16AM
89: Chapter 89

tea not too hot, and i was prepared from the start about the doc dying, but wasn't quite expecting until last chapter. Your doing a brilliant job in this though, sure it will work it out ok in the end.

Author's Response: Glad that the tea wasn\'t too hot lol.

2010.04.29 - 12:40AM
91: Chapter 91

So, so sad.

Author's Response: It\'s not looking good.

2010.04.29 - 12:31AM
91: Chapter 91

Jack tucking the dead Doctor into bed and reading him a story = heartbreaking. I can only hope there's some wibbly wobbly hoodoo fixit coming our way soon! As always, you cliffhangers are killing me!!! ;)

Author's Response: Sorry... no fix it this time.

2010.04.28 - 11:53PM
91: Chapter 91

Poor Jack, he does not accept it, i can't blame him. There has to be another way....

Author's Response: It#s pretty hard for him to accept that all they have done has been in vain.

2010.04.28 - 11:37PM
91: Chapter 91

Oh, our poor Jack is so broken. You have me crying. That letter needs a tissue warning on it. Post soon, please.

Author's Response: It is going to take some time for Jack to put himself back together again, but he has plenty of people around him... just not the one he really wants.

2010.04.28 - 11:34PM
91: Chapter 91

Ok, Jack has gone bonkers. Come on, what happens next? There are two more chapters. It can't end like this.

Author's Response: Only thing left is to say goodbye.

2010.04.28 - 11:04PM
91: Chapter 91

Sooo... Jack's lost it.
Please submit soon, it's cruel to leave us hanging.

Author's Response: Sorry, wasn\'t deliberately leaving you hanging... was just putting off writing chapter 93... and had to wait until yesterday when I had a day off work... so it\'s all done now... and yeah... Jack has lost it a little, but that\'s what you get when you kill your lover...

2010.04.28 - 12:52PM
90: Chapter 90

These past couple of chapters were so sad! Brilliantly written, well done!

But but but... omg what's happened? Can we hope that this is some timey wimey paradox where the Doctor didn't actually die? Ahhh!

Author's Response: Thank you.... there is always hope isn\'t there... and with the skeleton gone... something has definitely changed.

2010.04.28 - 10:36AM
90: Chapter 90

I loved that but where did he go?!

Author's Response: He\'s vanished.

2010.04.28 - 05:16AM
89: Chapter 89

oh great you could of given me more warning, i just spilled my cuppa tea over myself when you killed the doc,

Author's Response: Sorry... hope it wasn\'t too hot... but you know? Chapter one... skeleton found in grave on Agorax... was that not a warning enough *w*

2010.04.28 - 02:59AM
90: Chapter 90

Wow. If the very end hadn't happened and snapped me back into questioning I would be even more of a mess right now. Thank god for waterproof mascara. That was so emotional and beautiful and tragic and very very true.

Author's Response: We\'re getting close to chapter 93

2010.04.28 - 02:20AM
90: Chapter 90

I've gone through several tissues this morning...

Author's Response: Bill me and I\'ll compensate lol... didn\'t have the luxury of tissue but reckon I did a whole toilet roll when I was writing it.

2010.04.28 - 02:19AM
90: Chapter 90

Oh Lord! This is tragic, but he dead.....need to know..please!

Author's Response: The skeleton has gone so something somewhere has changed...

2010.04.28 - 02:00AM
89: Chapter 89

Can't review, crying too much...

Author's Response: Sorry...