Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.13 - 04:38PM
26: Chapter 26

Oh no!

Author's Response: Yeah... oops.

2010.04.13 - 04:31PM
24: Chapter 24

Martha is a good friend but he still should be careful with what he takes. Side effects are tricky.

Author's Response: Taking new drugs without telling anyone was just plain stupid.

2010.04.13 - 04:07PM
25: Chapter 25

Is Topsy and Tipsy a real video game? Anyway, he was having fun! :)

Author's Response: No, Topsy and Tipsy is a figment of my wierd imagination... think it should be a real video game though lol. He was definitely having fun despite his initial protests.

2010.04.13 - 03:55PM
23: Chapter 23

Whew! That was close.

Author's Response: It was a lot closer in the first draft lol, but better a clean escape than five chapters of Jack torture right?

2010.04.13 - 03:38PM
22: Chapter 22

Drayton is a nutter! This isn't good.

Author's Response: Nutter is probably a good word for Drayton. It doesn\'t look good for Jack.

2010.04.13 - 03:33PM
26: Chapter 26

Not his leg!

And they were having such a good time.

Author's Response: It seems like it.

2010.04.13 - 03:22PM
25: Chapter 25

Couldn't resist!

Author's Response: No, I think he ended up having more fun than anyone else!

2010.04.13 - 03:09PM
26: Chapter 26

Ack! I was anticipating that...

Author's Response: Everyone knew it was coming... it was just a matter of when

2010.04.13 - 03:06PM
24: Chapter 24

Brave Martha, scared Jack, The Doctor is trying to live as normally as possible, but how can he do this when everyone practically has him in a grave already?

Author's Response: I think it will take a bit of time for everyone to get back to normal and it is going to take lies and reassurances in equal measure.

2010.04.13 - 02:59PM
25: Chapter 25

*sniggers* So much for the games being a waste of time! He's loving it, really...

Author's Response: I know... it is good for them all to have some fun and enjoy themselves though.

2010.04.13 - 02:51PM
23: Chapter 23

Quick, clean and easy though I was afraid this was were the leg gets broken.

Author's Response: That is the thing with knowing about it in advance. Everyone is just waiting for it to happen. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it might not be for two hundred years...

2010.04.13 - 02:49PM
24: Chapter 24

Aw. Martha should've given him a gentle cuddle. I'm glad that he's talking to her, though...

Author's Response: It is good that he is talking to her, I am not sure Martha would be able to keep that distant view point if she did cuddle him. I think she would end up trying to comfort him and breaking down herself so she is struggling to find her own balance.

2010.04.13 - 02:41PM
26: Chapter 26

No! The broken leg, please don't do it!

Author's Response: Oh, okay then, I won\'t - just for you *g*

2010.04.13 - 02:41PM
23: Chapter 23

Phew! Thank goodness the Doctor was able to effect a quick rescue!

Author's Response: Yeah, it\'s not every day that a rescue goes as smoothly as this one and it saved me from editting five chapters of Jack torture too!

2010.04.13 - 02:39PM
22: Chapter 22

Now the trouble begins!

Author's Response: It looks that way doesn\'t it, with Drayton getting hold of Jack.