Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.19 - 01:43PM
30: Chapter 30

Blargh!! Not the first time the Doctor's been eaten by a weird jelly-ish creature either!

Author's Response: That must be in the old series? Don\'t know that one, which Doctor was it?

2010.04.19 - 12:50PM
34: Chapter 34

Those three, are acting like children, hurting themself that

Author's Response: It was fun though

2010.04.19 - 12:22PM
34: Chapter 34

Naughty, naughty! :)

Author's Response: Lol... they had a good time.

2010.04.19 - 12:11PM
33: Chapter 33

Its nice to see Coby up and about and not too bothered by his broken arm. The Doctor and him are more as father and son and it is nice to see.

Poor martha is worried and can't blame her, when the time comes the Doctor indeed is going to need them.

Author's Response: The relationship between Coby and the Doctor is developing and he\'s fitting into their whole group well. The Martha is concerned she isn\'t going to be able to care for the Doctor properly, but seeing him with Coby and Ianto makes her realise just how difficult it might be.

2010.04.19 - 12:02PM
32: Chapter 32

Ow, that had to hurt. Poor Coby.

Author's Response: He will be much better for it now though.

2010.04.19 - 11:45AM
30: Chapter 30

Yep, knew that Ianto was still alive in that thing but what happened to the Doctor?

Author's Response: It might have been a bit more potent than the Doctor expected.

2010.04.19 - 05:17AM
32: Chapter 32

Poor Coby, he was in so much pain, but Jack, martha and the DOctor worked great as a team to sort him out...

Author's Response: They did it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

2010.04.19 - 05:03AM
31: Chapter 31

Well, even the Doctor was not immune to the creature...Poor Ianto though he is going to have a lot of recovery time...

Author's Response: Ianto will recover well with Martha and the Doctor looking after him... and it has also served to direct Jack\'s attention away from the Doctor and to someone else for a while.

2010.04.19 - 04:48AM
30: Chapter 30

What the the Doctor taking a dip. Interesting that he put salt on him and let the creature eat him to get to Iant, and I wonder how he knew it was that creature that had Ianto, there were many of them...


Author's Response: I\'m not sure he realised there were more than one, but as the adult luckily it was the one who had eaten Ianto.

2010.04.15 - 11:11AM
28: Chapter 28

I like how it's the Doctor who's allergic to the bone cement, not Time Lords. Nice, realistic touch.

Author's Response: He\'s just awkward lol.

2010.04.15 - 11:04AM
27: Chapter 27

I don't blame the Doctor for being upset. Foreknowledge of the leg break is having real consequences -- they shouldn't have ignored Coby, and the Doctor is absolutely right, they were looking at a perfectly fine leg when they should have been looking at his head. On the other hand, Jack's reaction was understandable. But if I were the Doctor, I'd be tempted to break my leg on purpose just to get everyone to stop obsessing about it. (Well, except for the agonizing pain and going-to-die-in-six-months part. But the idea would occur to me.)

Author's Response: He is scared of breaking his leg, I am not sure doing it deliberately is going to be something he\'d consider, but he certainly needs to do something or it is going to drive him and Jack apart and that is the last thing he wants to do. Jack is desperately worried about it, not just his leg but the going to die in six months and I am going to kill him bit.

2010.04.15 - 10:52AM
24: Chapter 24

It was like waiting for a train with no schedule. It was going to turn up at some point, but not knowing how long it was going to be made the waiting unbearable. If it arrived in an hour, they could go and enjoy lunch before hand, if it arrived in a month then they could live. When they didnít know when it was going to arrive, all they could do was sit on the platform and wait.

I really like this analogy. You're doing a great job of showing the everyday consequences, and why it's so hard on the Doctor. And that's just him dealing with other peoples' reactions -- I'm sure he has feelings about it too, even if he's managed to be mostly clinical so far.

Author's Response: He needs to get the focus off it and onto something else or at least figure out some kind of time line for it. I think his lying to Jack about the ribs in the skeleton is probably indicative of how seriously it is all affecting him. If there is one thing the Doctor can\'t do it is sit on a railway platform waiting.

2010.04.15 - 10:43AM
23: Chapter 23

So of course I'm thinking that if Drayton is into fractures, maybe this is where the leg gets broken . . . and then it doesn't. On the one hand, it feels like you are teasing us readers, but on the other hand, it's like you're leading us to feel the way Jack feels -- constantly worried and waiting for the ax to fall.

Author's Response: There may be some teasing involved... but that is the whole point isn\'t it? They know it is likely to happen, you know it is likely to happen... only I know when and if it is going to happen... it might be in chapter 30 it might be chapter 130 or it might not happen at all.

2010.04.15 - 12:10AM
29: Chapter 29

Coby is one smart cookie. He sure is a lot more polite and tackful that his "Father."

Loving this story!

Author's Response: Glad you\'re still enjoying the story. Coby has certainly got a brain on his shoulder, and I think he\'s probably got a little bit more sense than he Doctor.

2010.04.14 - 08:03AM
29: Chapter 29

So glad he could tell someone else about the Daleks. I hope nothing bad is going to happen to spoil it all.

Author's Response: I think it was good for the Doctor and for Coby. They are forming a good foundation to see them through if something bad does happen.