Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.19 - 09:42PM
39: Chapter 39

I hope Coby listens to the Doctor and does not hurt himself....
Well, he didn't stay to haul them least...

Author's Response: Coby is sensible and will do what he is told. No, he left them the regulator and then left them to it. I\'m sure Janeway would have appreciated a tow home though lol.

2010.04.19 - 08:42PM
43: Chapter 43

Alfredo or Fred is a very smart man.

There is a little sandwitch shop by where I use to work run by a real sweet heart of a man. Everyone loves him. He has dark olive skin and black hair. He puts up Greek posters and photos of the "old country". Everyone assumes he is Greek. Only his close friends know his is from Iran. He has been in the States for decades, but with our war with Iran and then Iraq he was playing it safe. I hate to say it, but he was right to. May other businesses were vandilized durring that time. So sad.

As for the story, it's brilliant as always.

Author's Response: Glad that you are still enjoying the story. It is incredibly sad when people get victimised because of their backgrounds. Whoever said ignorance is bliss wants shooting, ignorance is the driving force behind hatred and racism and it really makes me angry. As for Alfredo he\'s not doing it because he\'s worried or scared, he\'s doing it because it\'s an Italian restaurant and to create the atmosphere there.

2010.04.19 - 08:28PM
43: Chapter 43

That was a great chapter! :)

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed it.

2010.04.19 - 08:20PM
36: Chapter 36

Almzedi and the doctor on holiday alone. What could possibly go wrong?

Author's Response: What do you mean? Nothing is going to go wrong lol.

2010.04.19 - 08:12PM
41: Chapter 41

Coby is going to have gray hair from traveling with those two! :) (I thought this was when the Doctor broke his leg from fighting.)

Author's Response: It was his first real trip wasn\'t it? No, no broken leg.

2010.04.19 - 07:41PM
38: Chapter 38

Poor, Coby can't stand car's and driving...LOL... It is true, materilizing the tardis near the road could have an accident...

Author's Response: I thought of that... and in The Runaway Bride... can you imagine the TARDIS flying down a busy A4 and not causing a pile up? Lol.

2010.04.19 - 04:42PM
37: Chapter 37

It was nice of the Doctor to take Coby's parents to those places, though I believe the Tardis had a hand in the trip....

Author's Response: The Doctor set the coordinates for the second trip as well, he just wanted it to be a surprise for Coby as well as for Cynthia. He is trying very hard to make them see that he isn\'t going to be a bad influence on Coby, and he wants them to be involved and appreciative of him rather than worried about him being with their son.

2010.04.19 - 04:04PM
36: Chapter 36

River is kind of like his wife, never really thought about it like that...

really like Coby's father, a very reasonable and smart man...

Author's Response: Steffan is a good man, wife is probably the closest approximation in human terms. They aren\'t technically married but she is more than a girlfriend.

2010.04.19 - 03:48PM
35: Chapter 35

Coby's parent's are really nice, I think they care for the Doctor as well.

I think even they see the connection between Coby and the Doctor...

Author's Response: He initially chose them because they cared about other people and offered him biscuits lol.

2010.04.19 - 03:07PM
36: Chapter 36

I like the Doctor's remarks about River and Martha...

Author's Response: He is open about how much they mean to him when away from them, he just doesn\'t tell them much to their faces.

2010.04.19 - 02:46PM
34: Chapter 34

Good for Martha, being firm with the three of them!

Author's Response: She isn\'t taking any nonsense.

2010.04.19 - 02:45PM
40: Chapter 40

Wow. So many chapters at once. Love it.

This is priceless.

“Yeah, oops, at least you know it held significant value now, Coby,” the Doctor giggled, but then winced. “Still, you’ve been coming with me for three years now and this is your first prison cell. That isn’t bad going.”

“Isn’t it?”

“It was within a week for me,” Jack commented.

“I guess it had to happen someday.” The Doctor sighed as he drifted off to sleep.

I'm surprised it took three years too.

Author's Response: The only person not surprised that it hadn\'t happened before then was Coby. I\'m not sure he\'s as adaptable to prison cells and the like as the others.

2010.04.19 - 02:19PM
32: Chapter 32

Ouch! Poor Coby! I'm surprised Martha, at least, didn't remember that she'd and Coby had been knocked flying when the Gloub threw up the Doctor and Ianto, and realise that Coby was hurt.

Author's Response: She was concerned about making sure Ianto was okay. Coby got up and didn\'t say anything, and if it was hurting because of the circulatory compromise that may not have been immediate but a gradual worsening.

2010.04.19 - 02:03PM
40: Chapter 40

Sheez, he's got Coby in trouble. Well, that's what happens when you travel with the Doctor. :)

Author's Response: It had to happen someday.

2010.04.19 - 01:52PM
39: Chapter 39

That was really funny. I wonder how that engineer explained where the spare part came from. ;)

Author's Response: Lol... in my head it was Belanna Torres... had a private little giggle that the reason why the USS Voyager was in the Delta Quadrant for so long was because Jack was gonna get a blow job.