Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.20 - 11:33PM
48: Chapter 48

Interacting with history, not so sure if this was such a great idea...

Can't wait to hear more...

Author's Response: It may not end well.

2010.04.20 - 10:46AM
47: Chapter 47

Hmm...(Thinks of Tennant in tight jeans.)Uh, what was I going to say?! :)

Author's Response: No idea lol...

2010.04.20 - 09:10AM
47: Chapter 47

Oh, I would love to see Ten in that outfit.

Author's Response: Jack and River certainly like it.

2010.04.20 - 04:35AM
47: Chapter 47

Tennant in jeans... Rawr!

Author's Response: Hmmmm...

2010.04.20 - 03:51AM
41: Chapter 41

Poor Coby - he clearly hadn't realised before now that he's travelling with a pair of madmen! And wait until Martha sees the Doctor - bet she scolds him!

Author's Response: I think Martha is going to be equally surprised that they managed three years without it happening already. The Doctor is trying really hard just to have fun and spend time with people.

2010.04.20 - 02:32AM
47: Chapter 47

Jack was very convincing to get him to wear those jeans, I just hope he doesn't need anything he left in his other pockets...

Author's Response: What could he possibly need apart from cash and sonic? *g*

2010.04.20 - 02:21AM
46: Chapter 46

Being attacked like that was not good, the Doctor became really angry, hope all is well... and will they get the Doctor in a pair of jeans, that would be nice...

Author's Response: I think the Doctor was just annoyed and upset that it was going to spoil the holiday. Jack is going to have his work cut out with the jeans.

2010.04.20 - 02:10AM
45: Chapter 45

They see to be having a great time, the place sounds great...River has a trouble streak in her I think...

Author's Response: It\'s nice for them to have a proper holiday for a change. Rest, relaxation, and a bit of fun rather than adventure.

2010.04.20 - 01:58AM
44: Chapter 44

All those different languages, that may irritate the Doctor....

Author's Response: I think it is going to drive him to distraction because he\'s not going to be able to just appreciate and then ignore it as Jack and River, but is going to be constantly trying to translate.

2010.04.20 - 01:44AM
43: Chapter 43

Afredo, is so great... He really likes them and goes out of his way, though the Doctor is a great tipper...

Author's Response: The Doctor didn\'t expect Alfredo to split the tip, but to cash it for the reduction on the bill he\'d given, but Alfredo has a heart of gold and looks after his workers as well as his customers.

2010.04.20 - 01:31AM
42: Chapter 42

Alfredo is a good man, he lets them stay late.... They all had a great time, you can tell they are close friends...

Author's Response: It is nice for them to have a bit of together time and Alfredo is great fun.

2010.04.20 - 01:14AM
41: Chapter 41

Poor Coby, having to put up with Jack and the Doctor who take it all in stride. Good thing jack noticed the limp the gladiator had...

Author's Response: At least with them taking it in their stride it is better than them openly worrying and making Coby feel worse about it.

2010.04.19 - 10:43PM
45: Chapter 45

The hotel sounds amazing but River is going to get them into trouble if she keeps acting up.

Author's Response: You can take the girl out of the dig, but...

2010.04.19 - 10:34PM
44: Chapter 44

Hehehe! They ruined his joke. Poor Doctor.

Author's Response: I know... how long has he waited for that opportunity and they spoilt his moment.

2010.04.19 - 09:54PM
40: Chapter 40

I'm surprise it took three yrs, he must have been careful with Coby, not wanting to put him in danger...

Author's Response: The Doctor has been very good and careful to look after Coby and have safe fun and exploration.