Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.21 - 09:58PM
55: Chapter 55

Oh boy, this is going to be rough. The nice bit is that he isn't alone through all of it.

Author's Response: He is surrounded by people that love him and care about him and that will get him through it.

2010.04.21 - 09:51PM
50: Chapter 50

He is in such agony... good thing Martha is there for him, she is a good Doctor...

Author's Response: Martha is going to look after him and they have been through it enough for her to be reasonably confident about what to do... it is now it is real it is a bit different to discussions and planning isn\'t it?

2010.04.21 - 09:47PM
47: Chapter 47

Mmmm, jeans....I also love it that Jack & the Doctor keep cracking up whenever they see dogs!! I laugh every time! Been reading and reading and still haven't caught up with you-it's a good thing :D

Author's Response: Glad you\'re reading. The dogs with no noses are cool.

2010.04.21 - 09:32PM
52: Chapter 52

That was a neat idea. I wonder if Mickey should market ice Boots. :)

Author's Response: If Mickey doesn\'t I might lol.

2010.04.21 - 09:19PM
51: Chapter 51

The dark Freelanders of idiocy?! Now that wasn't nice. Mickey isn't...well, he isn't! :)

Author's Response: Sorry... lol... River was thinking on her feet... and well... everyone knows he isn\'t but it was the first thing that came to her head.

2010.04.21 - 09:10PM
50: Chapter 50

Ow, that was painful to read. But it does sound like he's going to be ok. (I hope.)

Author's Response: He\'s in good hands.

2010.04.21 - 03:45PM
49: Chapter 49

Only just caught up with this, having not realised you'd been updating since the first chapter! But damn, what a chapter to catch up to! Great work so far... but no things get serious. *gulp*

Author's Response: Sorry it took so long to update from the first chapter, but it\'s going up reasonably quickly now. It\'s all ready to go. Glad you\'re reading and enjoying, and yes... things are going to start getting serious now.

2010.04.21 - 02:50PM
49: Chapter 49

Uh-oh, it's starting . . . Is it evil to confess that I'm glad it's finally happened? And not just because you write hurt/comfort so well?

Author's Response: Yeah... really evil lol.

2010.04.21 - 11:24AM
49: Chapter 49

Oh no. Ok, there is one thing that I noticed. His elbow's busted but was it busted/healed on the skeleton? Maybe them going back a day later changed the way he broke his leg. Anyway, this isn't good.

Author's Response: You dont miss a thing do you? Lol. If it\'s just dislocated though there won\'t be anything on the skeleton... if it\'s broken... then... maybe they will be able to scan the skeleton and see if it matches.... maybe they won\'t... who knows? And if that has changed has anything else? And if it has changed will there even be a skeleton for them to check on?

2010.04.21 - 11:11AM
48: Chapter 48

Ooops. :)

Author's Response: Ooops is a word for it, they have become encapsulated in Barcelonian mythology lol.

2010.04.21 - 10:13AM
49: Chapter 49

You got me! Everytime I thought "this is it he'll break his leg for sure and didn't and then he breaks it happily playing tag with Jack in jeans, no less!
Wonder if it would have happened if the Doctor hadn't gone back a day later. Fate is such a mean thing.

Author's Response: It took them by surprise too I think.

2010.04.21 - 04:24AM
49: Chapter 49

I knew wearing those pants may mean trouble... Poor Doctor, this is not good, he is badly hurt, good thing they had something set up in case something happened and no-one was about...

Author's Response: It is going to be a hard few weeks for them, but at least everything is set up.

2010.04.21 - 02:13AM
49: Chapter 49

Dear god no....its starting!

Author's Response: Yeah, I\'m afraid so...

2010.04.21 - 01:55AM
30: Chapter 30

The Sixth Doctor, in the Big Finish audio "The One Doctor"... It's a lot of fun (and was the inspiration for RTD's The Next Doctor, I believe). Much recommended!

Author's Response: I will have to look it up and have a listen.

2010.04.21 - 01:50AM
49: Chapter 49

Have to say that in some ways I'm relieved that you've got to the bit where the Doctor broke his leg, because the suspense was really getting to me! I'm glad the Doctor and Martha had plans in place for dealing with the situation if she was still around when it happened.

Author's Response: At least knowing about it in advance enabled them to do that, sorry about keeping you in suspense, I just tried to capture the passage of time the surprise of it - it is almost as if they had forgotten it was going to happen.