Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.22 - 06:27PM
58: Chapter 58

...why is it again, the reason why he can't regenerate?

Author's Response: Because they know he doesn\'t...

2010.04.22 - 03:25PM
55: Chapter 55

I too am worried about the drug our resident Time Agent took and didn't tell Martha. I have a feeling Martha is going to be very unhappy with Capt. Jack. And bravo for Steffan - I had a feeling he wasn't going to be a minor character.

Author's Response: There was a lot of rewriting to do, was a lucky coincidence that Steffan is a medical doctor in Almzedi! If he hadn\'t have been I wasn\'t sure what I was going to do, because in draft Martha was with Tom and that was a ready pair. Tom went out, Mickey and Steffan come in.

2010.04.22 - 08:43AM
50: Chapter 50

I haven't mentioned it before but you write the best medical injuries!
Feel so sorry for the Doctor but boy wasn't Martha prepared! Well Done Dr. Jones er, Dr. Smith!

Author's Response: Thank you, Martha was ready for it to happen, but I am not sure she was prepared for how bad it would be.

2010.04.22 - 02:28AM
55: Chapter 55

This is so it the beginning of something tragic?

Author's Response: It\'s not looking good...

2010.04.22 - 02:17AM
55: Chapter 55

I want to know what drug Jack took?
Poor Doctor, and poor Martha - it's going to be esp hard on her, being the most medically knowledgeable person. Glad Steffan was able to come and help too, though.

Author's Response: You will find out what drug Jack took in the next few chapters. Steffan is going to be a lot of help for Martha and for Coby, and for everyone really.

2010.04.22 - 01:59AM
53: Chapter 53

Jack can be rather thoughtless sometimes!

Author's Response: He didn\'t mean it, he just didn\'t realise the Doctor wasn\'t aware yet.

2010.04.22 - 01:53AM
52: Chapter 52

I'm astounded Tom wouldn't come and help Martha, even if they did have a bad break up.
Why are they stopping the Doctor from regenerating? Surely if he becomes Eleven, then the events on Agorax won't happen?
I hope they can get the TARDIS back!

Author's Response: I am not sure it was Martha Tom wouldn\'t help, but the Doctor. They are stopping the Doctor regenerating because they know he\'s not going to regenerate. Does time and fate work like that? If he does regenerate maybe the skeleton will just become Eleven\'s, maybe something else more dreadful would happen, maybe nothing would happen, or maybe it is just the way of things. At the moment they are preventing him from regenerating because it is what he wants (he\'d not have given Martha the drug to stop it if he hadn\'t wanted it stopped - though depending on how long it takes him to heal he may have a change in hearts - hmmm literally?

2010.04.22 - 01:42AM
51: Chapter 51

Oi, River! What's with the "idiot" tag for Mickey!

Author's Response: It was the first thing that came into her head... she doesn\'t mean it in a bad way.

2010.04.22 - 01:33AM
50: Chapter 50

*winces and shudders in empathy* I know all about the pain of dislocation, it's no fun!

Author's Response: It\'s not fun at all.

2010.04.22 - 12:33AM
52: Chapter 52

I don't quite understand why they're working so hard to keep him from regenerating. Obviously it's not something you do on a whim, but if normal procedure is for a Time Lord to regenerate after that type of injury, why not let him? Especially since that also forces a change from whatever chain of events led to his skeleton being found in that grave -- isn't that something that they want?

Author's Response: But they know he\'s not going to don\'t they? He\'s talked Martha through it and given her the drug to make regenerating more difficult... they think that because there is the skeleton and the Doctor doesn\'t want to regenerate that they are doing right... but are they playing right into the destiny\'s hands, and would it change anything other than it being eleven\'s skeleton in the grave? They dont want him to regenerate, he doesn\'t want to regenerate, and because of the skeleton they know he\'s not going to so they are trying hard to prevent it.

2010.04.21 - 11:20PM
55: Chapter 55

He is going to have a rough road ahead of him. He needs to rest and a sedative is the only way...

Author's Response: He is going to be very uncomfortable for a while.

2010.04.21 - 11:01PM
54: Chapter 54

Its good that steffen had that drug to cool the Doctor down...

Author's Response: He\'s got more stuff in his medical arsenal and is more familiar with the futuristic treatments the Doctor has briefed Martha on so it will be easier to have him around.

2010.04.21 - 10:49PM
53: Chapter 53

jack should have thought of the shock of that news would do to the Doctor....

Author's Response: Jack didn\'t realise the Doctor didn\'t know.

2010.04.21 - 10:30PM
52: Chapter 52

That was a great idea of Mickey's.... Getting his temperture down is a must, and boots is a great tool...

Author's Response: Boots is cool - literally lol.

2010.04.21 - 10:05PM
51: Chapter 51

River is quick thinking, though Mickey may not like what she suggested....

Author's Response: I think Mickey would take it in his stride and give as much as he got later on.