Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.24 - 02:07AM
67: Chapter 67

Typical stupid men!

Author's Response: Ten almost became Eleven because of a quickie in the toilet.

2010.04.24 - 01:55AM
65: Chapter 65

That cupboard must have been really shoddily made - because it ought to have been able to support Ten's weight without the door breaking off! I know my kitchen cupboards are sturdier than that, and I weigh more than Ten(nant)!

Author's Response: That\'s rented accommodation for you... make it look pretty as cheaply and quickly as you can! I\'ve got a kitchen cupboard that nearly always smacks you on the head when you open it and I can\'t fix it because the landlord nailed the hinges on rather than screwed them in... mind you they don\'t even look that nice... at least the ones in the executive rent look the part!

2010.04.24 - 01:20AM
67: Chapter 67

They need to be more careful.... I do not think the Doctor will be happy about Drayton, not going to thank him, I think...

Author's Response: They definitely need to be more careful about the cast. Nearly set him back six weeks and I am not sure he\'d have been able to do it again - he may have just given in and regenerated for the sake of a quick blow job in Milanos toilets!

2010.04.24 - 01:12AM
62: Chapter 62

What a stubborn pair of idiots they are! Oh wait, they're men! *rolls eyes*

Author's Response: Yep

2010.04.24 - 01:02AM
66: Chapter 66

That's not right, him haveing to walk all that way, he may be in a bit of pain...

Author's Response: It\'s not going to be a comfortable journey.

2010.04.24 - 12:51AM
65: Chapter 65

He would try and get a cup of tea, Jack should have known if he didn't have what he wanted he'd get up...good thing martha came in just then...

Author's Response: Martha to the rescue - again! She\'s a star.

2010.04.24 - 12:37AM
64: Chapter 64

Oh dear, this is not good...They really need to adjust it, what are they going to do...

Author's Response: They\'re going to keep trying

2010.04.24 - 12:23AM
63: Chapter 63

I don't think the Doctor should ask martha not to tell the other's that is unfair to her... He needs to find another way around the parasite, go somewhere else for answers...

Author's Response: It\'s hard enough being laid up with his leg he can\'t bear the thought of everyone panicking about the parasite as well.

2010.04.24 - 12:06AM
62: Chapter 62

jack should know better...he is so concerned about the Doctor did not take his own health into account.

Jack and the Doctor both down...

Author's Response: Jack should have said something and stopped teleporting. A couple of days without it would have prevented it getting to the point where now he can\'t teleport anywhere (through time) for a month or so.

2010.04.23 - 10:18PM
67: Chapter 67

Uh-oh! But, ummmm...

"Are you my mummy?!" says the Doctor while wearing a gas mask. (Sorry! I had to do that when they mentioned the nanogenes! LOL!)

Author's Response: You know I nearly put a \'are you my mummy\' comment in there but decided against it *g* It does have to be done though lol.

2010.04.23 - 09:04PM
67: Chapter 67

OOOhhhhh this upcoming reaction is not going to be good. This is making me nervous...before we were building up to the leg break, now we're building up to the parasite. Ack!

Author's Response: You may be surprised... thought it\'s not likely *g* getting too predictable in my game obviously *considers changing tactics*

2010.04.23 - 08:55PM
66: Chapter 66

The taxi driver was right but the Doctor is going to be sore.

Author's Response: Trying to walk two miles is probably one of the dumber things... though there may be a surprise rescue coming.

2010.04.23 - 08:48PM
65: Chapter 65

LOL! Ok, I just had the picture in my head of him(and David Tennant) hopping around trying to get into the kitchen then getting the cup. That was so funny!

Author's Response: Glad you liked...

2010.04.23 - 08:22PM
62: Chapter 62

*whacks Jack on the back of the head* Dumb Time Agent! :)

Author's Response: He is a dumb Time Agent, but he was more concerned about sorting the Doctor out.

2010.04.23 - 11:01AM
61: Chapter 61

Ok, first you hurt the Doctor and now Jack! Meanie! :) Anyway, I think it's all this time jumping that made Jack sick. Right?

Author's Response: Yeah... it\'s been getting gradually worse each trip and he\'s out of practise - considering the amount of time he was buried and the number of time\'s he\'s died and been reset... any immunity he developed to it as a training Time Agent has been lost.