Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.24 - 11:14PM
75: Chapter 75

LOL! Ooooops! :)

Author's Response: It was a nice idea anyway lol.

2010.04.24 - 11:02PM
74: Chapter 74

So, if you tick the TARDIS off, she'll boot your butt out the door?! :) Methinks Jack will be spending a lot of time outside.

Author's Response: Jack will be outside her more than inside and I suspect he is going to have to get used to the electric shock treatment too!

2010.04.24 - 10:42PM
72: Chapter 72

Naughty boys. Now get to work on fixing the TARDIS! :)

Author's Response: Lol... they\'ll get her sorted.

2010.04.24 - 09:54PM
68: Chapter 68

Hmmmm...I thought he'd be mad at Jack.

Author's Response: Perhaps it is just another reminder that the Doctor isn\'t human and does tend to hold a different and non-human perspective at times. I mean he was going to recycle dead bodies for the Gelth... though I hope his acknowledgement of Drayton goes better than that!

2010.04.24 - 09:02AM
1: Chapter 1

Hurray! I'm finally in!

Now for some catching up!

Author's Response: Glad to have you back on board... apparently it was a temporary glitch with the site... neither of us had been banned!

2010.04.24 - 08:55AM
40: Chapter 40

*shakes head*

Kids! will they ever learn! LOL!

Author's Response: I doubt it!

2010.04.24 - 08:53AM
39: Chapter 39

That mechanic/engineer will have an interesting topic of conversation for her crewmates after that!

Author's Response: Lol... I am sure she will... in my head it is Belanna Torres... wonder what kind of scans Tuvok is going to do and what kind of logical explanation he is going to come up with for that one!

2010.04.24 - 08:51AM
38: Chapter 38

Poor Coby! I guess teaching him to drive is out of the question as he is not fond of cars after getting sick in one.

Author's Response: I am not sure cars are his thing lol.

2010.04.24 - 08:49AM
37: Chapter 37

Wonderful how he took Steffan and Cynthia to see thiwe favorite musicians and composers. now THAT is what a time machine's for. Hmm! Wonder if it would take me to see Bach! :o)

Author's Response: I am sure he would if you asked him nicely! Though you did just get to see baby Bach at his big brother\'s wedding.

2010.04.24 - 08:46AM
36: Chapter 36

Steffan's a doctor?

Hmm! That could come in handy! ;o)

Author's Response: Yeah... always handy to have another doctor at hand with the trouble they get into.

2010.04.24 - 08:44AM
35: Chapter 35

Heh! Heh! naming the dog "Theta" and the cat "Sigma"!

silly coincedince

Loved Coby's Mom and Dad.

Author's Response: Lol... I have two \'kittens\'... one called Theta and one called Sigma... apparently not kittens any longer... as I now have five new additions!!! Koschei, Ushas, Borusa, Rassilon, and Hermit (he\'s the runt lol).

2010.04.24 - 08:42AM
34: Chapter 34

well, children must play rough some times ;o)

Author's Response: Lol... not sure they are children\'s games though *g*

2010.04.24 - 08:39AM
32: Chapter 32

Team Tardis!

Jack! Martha! Ten!

Author's Response: That is some team!

2010.04.24 - 08:37AM
31: Chapter 31

Poor Ianto!

Maybe this will see the Doctor and Ianto become friends.

Author's Response: I am not sure they will ever be real friends, but it will certainly lead them to be more accepting of each other - though in this instance the Doctor has been trying.

2010.04.24 - 08:35AM
30: Chapter 30

Salty tales?

Author's Response: Yep... something to take their minds off the Doctor\'s predicted fate and get them back to living again.