Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.29 - 09:41PM
93: Chapter 93

I can't believe he is gone... jack is lost without them, i wish there had beeen a way to save him...

It figures a fire would sad...

Author's Response: Everything they did just came back to the skeleton... at least he\'s not in the grave and 107 people were saved... he did well in the end.

2010.04.29 - 09:25PM
92: Chapter 92

This is so sad...

Author's Response: It\'s not a happy ending...

2010.04.29 - 06:27PM
93: Chapter 93

I now have mascara running down my face, why do they keep killing ten? and the saddest part is, it only took you 93 chapters. great story, but my laptop is soaked with tears. i am going to live in the vain hope there is an alternative, like making headway?

Author's Response: Sorry, not giving you an alternative this time. Don\'t hate me for that, but I half regret the alternative for Making Headway, so not going to this time.

2010.04.29 - 05:22PM
93: Chapter 93

I hate unhappy endings. That being said, this was a brilliant piece of fanfic. Well written, full of emotion, and true to the charectors.
You had me emotionally involved through out. Love that the Doctor was saving lives and causing trouble even after he died. You had me sobbing those last few chapters.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and sorry that you dont like the ending.

2010.04.29 - 04:21PM
93: Chapter 93

Well, I can't say you didn't warn us (it's even in the title, for heaven's sake), but for most of this I really, really didn't think the Doctor was going to end up dead. It's not often that I cry while reading fanfic, but you had me in tears for these last chapters. While I wish it had ended differently, this is obviously the story you wanted to tell, and you did an amazing job with it.

Author's Response: Thank you. I wasn\'t really sure if leaving him dead was the way to go. There are a couple of little points where it was geared up so I could change my mind at the last minute and bring him back or have him regenerate which was why the last few chapters went up more slowly. In the end everything they did brought him back onto the path to the grave... and that is what happened.

Author's Response: Thank you for your comments and reviews throughout.

2010.04.29 - 03:58PM
93: Chapter 93

I know you're playing fair with us the reader but shoot, he's gone! No timey-wimey saves huh? Not this time :-(

Author's Response: No, not this time.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and your reviews throughout.

2010.04.29 - 03:40PM
92: Chapter 92

I hate funerals and goodbyes

Author's Response: Me too... hate writing them too... never seem to be able to get them right.

2010.04.29 - 03:21PM
93: Chapter 93

*sniff* The only part that made me smile was when the grass caught fire. It was him causing trouble. :)

For me, unhappy endings happen for a reason. Life isn't perfect. Not even the Doctor's. If he stays dead then it's because of what he did for those people he and Jack accidentally killed. Change it if you have to(like having Jack stop that thing from infecting the Doctor)but I think this is perfect.

Author's Response: He wasn\'t going to go completely quietly was he? He died to prevent more becoming infected. If he\'d not been stopped then Crondor would have gone on and on. Like he said to Martha... he\'d die any day to save 132 women and children... in the end it was only 107 but that is something isn\'t it? I am toying with adding another couple of chapters... but I\'m not looking at a fix it though there is plenty of ways it could be fixed.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and your reviews throughout.

2010.04.29 - 03:10PM
92: Chapter 92

*sniff* Bye Doctor. :******(

Author's Response: It\'s time...

2010.04.29 - 01:41PM
93: Chapter 93

No, no, no! That can't be it! He can't be dead!

*curls into a ball and cries*

Can't be dead. Not possible. It's a horrible dream. He'll wake up, find himself alone in the Tardis, as he always is and shake it off.


Yup, that's how it happened.

*taps on the glass* Yo! Unslinky! You need to fix the story.

*sniff* I'm getting the impression that you hate the Doctor and just love finding ways to kill him and torture us. *SNIFF*

Author's Response: Oh... don\'t be like that! I don\'t hate him... and it\'s the only... um... first... time that I\'ve actually killed him.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and for your reviews thoughout.

2010.04.29 - 01:31PM
93: Chapter 93

Oh you had to, didn't you...but i love the way that even after he's dead he's causing chaos.

Author's Response: Yup... he\'s gone... but he can still manage to set a beach on fire!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and your reviews throughout.

2010.04.29 - 01:04PM
93: Chapter 93

*grabbing the tissues again for the latest two chapters*

Author's Response: That\'s a big tissue bill!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and your reviews throughout.

2010.04.29 - 09:15AM
91: Chapter 91

The Doctor makes the ultimate sacrifice and Jack is coping the best he can. Jack continuing the story to the Doctor's remains -- wow.

Author's Response: Jack is having a tough time... the Doctor saved those lives and prevented more from dying... that is the kind of thing he\'d give his life for isn\'t it?

2010.04.29 - 05:46AM
91: Chapter 91

I am now going to beg that the Doctor is saved somehow!

Author's Response: Sorry... not going to be saved this time.

2010.04.29 - 01:35AM
91: Chapter 91

Grief often makes people do strange things... Poor Jack.

Author's Response: He is having trouble letting go.