Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.25 - 05:19AM
47: Chapter 47

In Jeans!

Big mistake!

Now River will have to protect the Doctor from women with wondering hands. ;o)

Author's Response: Well they got him to wear them anyway.

2010.04.25 - 05:17AM
46: Chapter 46

I'd like to see Ten in jeans! ;o)

Author's Response: Me too lol...

2010.04.25 - 05:16AM
45: Chapter 45


Just don,t get them near any more revovling doors, LOL!

Author's Response: You can\'t take them anywhere! Poshest most expensive hotel on the planet and they behave like a trio of children... would anyone expect anything else of them?

2010.04.25 - 05:13AM
44: Chapter 44

Hmm! the Doctor's English is a bit off! LOL!

He should practice

Author's Response: He doesn\'t have to... he normally just has the TARDIS

2010.04.25 - 05:12AM
41: Chapter 41

Coby's in for an unforgetable ride.

Author's Response: He is indeed... a lot of fun!

2010.04.25 - 05:11AM
42: Chapter 42

Making memories. I see what the Doctor is diong.

I love Alfredo!

Author's Response: He is making the most of the time he has with his friends, because perhaps this time he does know what is just around the corner

2010.04.25 - 05:09AM
43: Chapter 43

Alfredo! We need more "Alfredos" in this world, especially in the US.

Author's Response: Alfredo is definitely one of the good guys

2010.04.25 - 01:57AM
75: Chapter 75

Jack is a romantic, almost got them drowned

Author's Response: I think they still had a nice time though.

2010.04.25 - 01:46AM
74: Chapter 74

Jack leaning to fly the Tardis, that is good of the Doctor because it would have been helpful if Jack can and knows how to fix her up. But it is like the Doctor setting things up preparing for his death...

Author's Response: I think that is exactly what the Doctor is doing... taking care of loose ends and putting things in place just in case.

2010.04.25 - 01:30AM
73: Chapter 73

The Doctor is worried, and is being anxious, yet he ended up hurting himself again... Jack needs to know everything is not well....that the Doctor has keep some things from him...

Author's Response: The Doctor is trying to protect Jack... he wants to make more memories.

2010.04.25 - 01:14AM
72: Chapter 72

Jack should have given the Doctor a little slack... Its nice to see the tardis up again, it'll take a bit of time to get her where she needs to be...

Author's Response: They are both stressed out and anxious about different things... it\'s probably a good thing they argued

2010.04.25 - 01:02AM
71: Chapter 71

I hope he does not have to do it alone, I think he is goingg about it wrong... he needs the support of his friends and a way to prevent this not accept it...

Author's Response: He can\'t see any other way... and he is right... if he has people with him when he gets infected then they are at risk of the infection as well and that would be disasterous.

2010.04.25 - 12:40AM
70: Chapter 70

River needs to me more careful, she could really hurt him...

Author's Response: River is River lol...

2010.04.25 - 12:19AM
69: Chapter 69

That cast is heavier and gets in the way, I think it still hurts more than he says....He thinks River is mad at him, I don't think so...

Author's Response: He is trying to put on a brace face, but he\'s had a shock and it\'s hurting more... and he\'s not particularly happy.

2010.04.25 - 12:07AM
68: Chapter 68

The Doctor was not mad, he was understanding of Drayton.... Hope the new cast helps....

Author's Response: The new cast will be more protective considering what happened, but it might not be as comfortable.