Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2010.04.25 - 11:51PM
79: Chapter 79

Oh boy. This isn't good. That crazy nutter is going to hurt him.

Author's Response: It is quite likely...

2010.04.25 - 11:44PM
78: Chapter 78

YAY! Wilf's going! But, um, Jack's not going to be happy that the Doctor hurt himself again.

Author's Response: For once it wasn\'t the Doctor\'s fault. All he did was step on it funny.

2010.04.25 - 11:39PM
76: Chapter 76

He needs to tell jack all of the reasons, but then jack would not leave... I think the Doctor believes there is no way out of this...

Author's Response: It is difficult isn\'t it? Could they spend the time they have left together being close and having fun and making memories if Jack knew the whole story?

2010.04.25 - 11:36PM
77: Chapter 77

Hey, no fair slapping him! I'm glad Sarah Jane, K-9 and Luke are going. :)

Author's Response: Sarah, Luke, and K9 couldn\'t be left behind.

2010.04.25 - 11:24PM
76: Chapter 76

He needs to tell Jack the rest of the reason he's leaving.

Author's Response: I am not sure he can...

2010.04.25 - 04:35PM
75: Chapter 75

Romantic and a bit wet, LOL!

Author's Response: Very wet!

2010.04.25 - 04:34PM
74: Chapter 74

Preparing Jack for when he is in control of the Tardis after the Doctor is gone.

teared up at this chapter. If only Jack knew.

Author's Response: Yeah... the Doctor is kind of taking care of business... but if Jack knew would they be able to make the preparations?

2010.04.25 - 04:31PM
73: Chapter 73

Shows that both Jack and Ten are getting really worked up over everything theat has happened or is going to happen.

Author's Response: The emotions of the past few months and the Doctor\'s fears for the next few months are kind of colliding...

2010.04.25 - 04:29PM
72: Chapter 72

Boys will be boys!

Hope this wqhole thing don't break them apart. I'm not into slash , but they make such a cute couple.

Author's Response: Yes they will... ok... I am going to show my fanfic niavity here... I take it slash is homosexual sex? Why do they have to call it slash... a slash is a crude term for having a wee...

2010.04.25 - 04:23PM
67: Chapter 67

Hurray for nanogenes

Ten should learn to control his urges ;o)

So does Jack!

Author's Response: They are blooody lucky there were nanogenes in that brace.

2010.04.25 - 04:20PM
66: Chapter 66

Oh, Now this is redicoulous!

Aliens! (especially when they are male) can be really thick sometimes.

Author's Response: Yeah they can be... but it\'s not his fault he doesn\'t fit in the taxi is it?

2010.04.25 - 04:18PM
65: Chapter 65

Stubborn Time Lord!

Author's Response: Yep... but he really wanted an extra sugar in his tea!

2010.04.25 - 04:17PM
64: Chapter 64

This is not a good sign.

Author's Response: It\'s a bit sore...

2010.04.25 - 04:16PM
63: Chapter 63

Understand why he doesn't want everyone to know, but he kind of underestimates thme.

Author's Response: The way that Jack was when they first found the skeleton, if he hadn\'t have kept it from them I dont think they would have got this far... they would have driven each other mad.

2010.04.25 - 04:15PM
62: Chapter 62

Jack and the Doctor both need to have thioer heads examined!

Author's Response: Yeah... I wonder what they would find if they did?