Reviews For Destiny Unearthed

2016.01.25 - 12:59AM
93: Chapter 93

I don't have words for how beautiful and heartbreaking this story has been. I cried so hard for Jack and for the Doctor. Your writing is incredible. Please please continue! Thank you for your stories.

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to read and to review. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, sorry that it wasn't such a good ending with this one!

2016.01.05 - 12:27AM
4: Chapter 4

I am so glad I waited until this story was finished before starting to read it. You fiend.

Author's Response: Oh, don't be like that - it can't always be a happy ending!

2015.04.21 - 04:09PM
93: Chapter 93

As I caught up on Code 9, I've been reading this. The last few chapters had me very emotional on the train today! :'(

Another fantastic story.

I hope you're finding your new keyboard okay - I spilled tea on mine once, too :(

Author's Response: New keyboard is okay, seems to have a bit of a delay sometimes which is odd because went from wireless back to a cabled one. It is also pretty noisy but that is just the way I type!!

Glad that you enjoyed the story. Code 9 is still coming but having trouble finding the time for typing up at the moment. Code 9 is finished and sitting in notebooks and I\'m almost finished writing two others... real life seems to be taking a downward turn at the moment so need to gee myself up and get on with it all!

2015.04.18 - 08:14AM
50: Chapter 50

You do have a penchant for serious leg injuries and generally broken/fractured bones!
Do you have a medical background?

Author's Response: Not really, I do find it fascinating though, I\'m a first aid instructor but that is as far as it goes.

2014.07.08 - 03:43AM
1: Chapter 1

So... a friend said it could end this wa and i was it never does that... and then i got there and my only thought was ... ... ... son of a bi...she was right. Now it is one in the morning and ihave to inform her that she was right.

Wonderfully written and an all around great read.any chance ofyou writing an alt ending that is NOT thale one there?

P.s. excuse the typos... i am on my nook.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and taking the time to review, sorry, no alternative ending, but it had been set up so that he could live or die... if you want to imagine that when Luke and Jack were carrying him out to the pyre and Luke dropped him slightly so he jerked that following the stasis and the surgeries Martha had performed that the jolt was sufficient to restart his heart then you can as both endings were written at one point. Thank you once again.

2013.11.03 - 12:59AM
1: Chapter 1

Once again you just... omg... just... omg... Cried like a baby at the end of course. I know it wasn't fixed right after the initial being infected thingy... I just... ::curls up in a corner::

Do you take requests for stories? Or like ideas put your way and then if you like it you can take it where your heart desires? Or do you just sit there and go... yeah this will be an awesome long story? lol

You do some awesome stuff! Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and for taking the time to review. I\'ve never really had any requests for stories. Things just come up and I see what kind of journey then end up going on, it\'s usually nothing like planned when it\'s come out the other side and they\'re certainly never supposed to end up as long as they do! Glad that you\'ve enjoyed.

2013.07.27 - 09:20PM
93: Chapter 93

You gave me hope and then you took it away. That's enough to make anyone dangerous.....

Loved the story. Cried like a baby at the ending. Great job.

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed. Thanks for reading and taking the time to review.

2012.02.10 - 12:47AM
93: Chapter 93

Way to go turning me into a sobbing idiot on a Friday morning!
It hurt like hell to read it, and yet I can't imagine a better ending.

Author's Response: Sorry that it ended the way that it did, there was a get out set up and it wasn\'t until that last chapter went up that I knew myself if he was going to really die or come back to the living.

2010.09.14 - 08:54AM
93: Chapter 93

OK, I'm an emotional wreck.
I just couldn't stop reading this, even though it's so utterly heartbreaking.
Not sure whether to thank you or not (but I will, because it's beautiful)

Author's Response: Thank you, sorry that it didn\'t end the way that a lot of people hoped. Thank you for reading and taking the time to review.

2010.07.26 - 06:52AM
93: Chapter 93

I have just re read this for the 2nd time and I still can't make it through the last few chapters without being a sobbing wreck. I only hope terminal decay will have a happier ending, but to be honest the title doesn't give me much hope.

Author's Response: Second reading, thank you for taking the time. Terminal Decay isn\'t a particularly positive title is it?

2010.04.30 - 02:07AM
93: Chapter 93

Another fantastic fic! Although not the ending a lot of us wanted, I'm still glad that you remained true to your story. I hope you still have more Ten in store for us, but honestly, I'll read anything you write!! Thanks again :)

Author's Response: I\'m glad that you enjoyed the story and sorry that the ending isn\'t what everyone wanted, but a fix it would have felt wrong... there is definitely more Ten in store... have four more drafts in folders on shelves and just been hit by several plot bunnies... just trying to decide which to work on next... thanks for reading and your reviews.

2010.04.29 - 11:40PM
93: Chapter 93

Even from the grave Ten is still causiing mischief!

I honestly believe Jack really did hear hin giggling. His spirit is hanging around.

Author's Response: Ten will always cause some sort of chaos.

2010.04.29 - 11:22PM
92: Chapter 92

Jack giving his coat up so the Doctor could be warm on his journey to wherever Time Lords go after they died was touching.

Author's Response: It\'s difficult for Jack to know what to do.

2010.04.29 - 11:19PM
91: Chapter 91

Jack is being a bit unrealistic,

Author's Response: He just can\'t cope with the idea of the Doctor being gone just yet.

2010.04.29 - 11:18PM
90: Chapter 90

Hey! I'm back on Teaspoon after two days.

Not so happy about the Doctor being dead.

Author's Response: Welcome back... missed your email until just now so sorry I didn\'t get back to you on that. Not sure what is going on with being locked out all the time.