Reviews For Circle of Life

2012.01.02 - 03:10AM
1: Chapter 1

Once again a superb story in this universe. Hopefully we'll see the baby issue get addressed at some point. Thanks.

2011.12.31 - 05:58PM
5: Chapter 5

Lovely. And about time, but that is life. Glad you got it.

2010.10.28 - 04:37AM
1: Chapter 1

love this universe - hope you find your way back to it. I'd love to find out how the baby issue is resolved!

2010.04.17 - 11:22AM
4: Chapter 4

Very cool! How many out of the three of them will get pregant?

2010.04.17 - 11:06AM
3: Chapter 3

The angst and the drama is very good here.

2010.04.09 - 11:29AM
4: Chapter 4

Your chapter was a "cup of tea" when I really, REALLY needed one.

Just...thank you. And please keep writing! :-)

2010.03.08 - 03:50PM
4: Chapter 4

Bout time he got his head on straight. Of course tea helps.

2010.02.25 - 09:55PM
3: Chapter 3

Great chapter. At least Jed finaly realized how stupid it is to avoid family commetments. Now they just have to convince the Doctor.

2010.02.25 - 08:04PM
3: Chapter 3

At least two of them are starting to work things out. Now they just have to deal with the Doctor, who really should know better by now.

2010.02.23 - 01:24PM
2: Chapter 2

that was not well done, the Doctor has screwed up royally.

Author's Response: Yes, yes he has . . . Thanks!

2010.02.23 - 09:53AM
2: Chapter 2

Someone needs to smack the Doctor. I don't care how much he is hurting, running away will only make it worse. But it is what the Doctor is known for. The idiot.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, the Doc just isn\'t good with relationship stuff; the question is, can he learn? ;)

2010.02.22 - 03:05PM
1: Chapter 1

Very difficult decision, but they are going to have to do it sometime

Author's Response: Yeah, and it\'s been simmering a long time . . . Thanks!

2010.02.22 - 06:12AM
1: Chapter 1

And now that I think about it I feel slow for not catching the point of the title sooner.

Author's Response: LOL! D\'you know, I delayed a whole day and went over deadline on posting this first chapter bacuse I didn\'t have a title? I was completely at sea, and then this one popped out of nowhere and settled into place. Whew!!!

2010.02.22 - 12:11AM
1: Chapter 1

I'm thrilled to see a new Jed!verse. I so love your stories and it looks like it's going to be a good one.

Author's Response: Thank you, you\'re making me blush (again)! :D Hope to have more up soon . . .