Reviews For No Mistake

2015.12.07 - 07:49PM
1: Chapter 1

This was absolutely lovely! I really enjoyed your explanations of both why the Doctor can't seem to say those 3 words, and also why he tends not to get involved with humans. Very creative, and also well explained with enjoyable conversation. Sarah Jane and the 4th Doctor are where I came into Doctor Who (many ,many, many years ago), and I've not gone back and watched those episodes yet. Now I am really looking forward to doing so... you added a wonderful dynamic to that relationship! Thanks for a nice ending to my not-so-nice day.

Author's Response: Well, I'm sorry about your day, but I'm so glad the story helped! It's fun going back and watching the old stuff.

2015.02.14 - 04:53PM
6: Chapter 6

Wow. Granted, I've just discovered your stories.... but I didn't think I'd find something better than Space and Time. And then I read this.

So sweet, so heartfelt, and surprisingly little angst given where this story starts. I do love me some angsty Doctor, and this was a beautiful balance. To bring in "old" Sarah Jane, and have the Doctor want her just as much as ever makes my middle aged heart happy.

(Still not sure I can veiw the Fourth Doctor sexually... But that's my hang-up, no fault of the storyteller)

And the close of the story, the Doctor giving Sarah Jane what he owes her... Brings a smile and a tear all atone. That's craft. Thank you.

2014.07.09 - 10:29AM
1: Chapter 1

This is an excellent portrayal of why The Doctor can't say I love you. The explanation of coupled Time Lords or Gallifreyans simply knowing they are loved by their significant others is complex and yet to the point. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: I always thought it made sense. Thank you.

2014.05.18 - 07:22PM
1: Chapter 1

Thank you so much for this wonderful, touching story. Enjoyed it endlessly.

Author's Response: I love how people love this one. It\'s such a sweet little thing, one of my first stories here, and it seems to really mean a lot to those that love it. Thank you for the review.

2013.08.13 - 09:18PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh so very completely heart breaking. I very much wish he wouldn't need to be so alone.

2013.02.13 - 01:56PM
6: Chapter 6

This is so wonderful, and so easy to believe it could have been canon. Thanks for writing it!

2012.11.10 - 04:38PM
6: Chapter 6

I loved this story, not because of the smut or because I hate Rose (which not), but because the deep feelings and how well written are them. Thank you for write this.

Author's Response: It wasn\'t very smutty, and I don\'t hate Rose (not in any viceral sense) either. Thanks for telling me!

2012.10.07 - 12:49PM
6: Chapter 6

Lovely story. I found it a bit difficult to follow, time and location-wise, but the message was still there. I loved it. Thanks for being a good author!

Author's Response: Thanks for thinking I am.

2012.08.29 - 06:26PM
2: Chapter 2

* sniffling over when the Doctor starts crying *

Author's Response: Aww. Thanks for telling me!

2012.04.10 - 11:05PM
1: Chapter 1

This is really beautiful and one of my favorite stories on here. The tenth Doctor will always be my favorite and my favorite companion is Sarah Jane. (I also love the Sarah Jane Adventures and it was such a sad day when we all lost Elisabeth Sladen). I think this explains really well many things, like The Doctor and Sarah Jane's relationship through the years, and why he so rarely had such a close and/or romantic relationship with other companions. It's a bit sad too, the burdens each person carries and that they will never really be together beyond that one perfect night. Wonderful story telling and creating imagines.

Author's Response: Well, thank you! This is one of my earliest fanfictions, and pretty much boils down to the basis for most of my others, so it has a soft spot in my heart, too. Thanks for the thoughtful review!

2012.03.15 - 12:02PM
6: Chapter 6

Your stories are simply AMAZING. I loved this concept of Gallifreyan sexuality and how it explained so much. I love how he came back to Sarah Jane and she helped him feel like himself again for one night. Really beautiful story. thanks so much for sharing!!!

Author's Response: Woo! Someone\'s come back to this one! This was one of my first fanfics, you know. And thank you for \"Amazing\". Amazing seems to have become my descriptive keyword.... Thanks so much!

2012.02.15 - 08:47PM
1: Chapter 1

Brilliant. You made me start sniffling again. I'm not very good at writing reviews, but I just want to thank you for sharing your writing.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading it!

2011.08.22 - 09:32PM
1: Chapter 1

What a great fic, and makes so much sense. You know something had to have happened between Journey's End and the Next Doctor to help the Doctor get some of his balance back, and who better to help than SJ!

Author's Response: Everybody loves this one -- it has like thirty favorites. I\'m glad you liked it too. It\'s goal was mostly to make sense of things.

2011.07.10 - 07:31AM
6: Chapter 6

I love this one - I think you've got skill for bringing out the very vulnerable side of the Tenth Doctor, as well as reminding us that as undeniably *human* as his weaknesses are, the Doctor is also a Time Lord and with that comes a different psychology.

Truth to be told, I think how one reads the human-Time Lord interaction and mediates it is up to the reader, but at heart, there's something beautiful about the way you handled the Doctor, reaching out for something he needs but he won't ever quite be able to have.

Author's Response: Well, he does have this thing for humans. It must be complicated.

2011.07.08 - 12:44AM
1: Chapter 1

Just wanted to let you know, that even though I am a Rose/Doctor shipper, I loved this story. It's a bit hard for me to picture Ten/SJ together sexually, but the story was still very beautiful. I loved Chapter 5 in particular! Very well done.

Author's Response: He\'s know Sarah Jane lots longer. Thanks for going outside your comfort zone. I\'m glad you liked it.