2010.03.08 - 06:52AM
1: A Blustery Day

I love the Doctor's tinkering with the kitchen appliances, and the Brig's acceptance of his crazy ways! Loving where this is going!!

Author's Response: Thank you :-)

2010.02.19 - 12:52PM
1: A Blustery Day

Heh, trapped on the IOW! (BTW, the weather is always nice there - what can be going on? :lol:) And love the joke at the end. Heh. :-D

Author's Response: Too bad there weren\'t a pair of conveniently left jet-skis sitting on the shore for them this time. ;-)

2010.02.17 - 09:22PM
1: A Blustery Day

I look forward to seeing more of this. (And watching some Three again to refresh my memory.)

Author's Response: Everyone should watch more Three. ;-) Hope you\'ll enjoy it.

2010.02.17 - 07:19AM
1: A Blustery Day

*cackles at the Doctor being mistaken for the Brig's wife* I will add this to my faves and wait for the rest!

Author's Response: Thank you! :-D

2010.02.17 - 05:34AM
1: A Blustery Day

You have the Brigadier, in particular, down perfectly. Love this - and lol at the Doctor being mistaken for his wife...even more at the idea of him judging a singing contest!!! Looking forward to the next part :)

Author's Response: The Brig is such a great character, he always deserves more fic. Thank you for the encouragement!