Reviews For Your Hand in Mine

2010.02.19 - 12:21AM
1: Chapter 1

Absolutely gorgeous!
That line really struck me...*sniffles*


Author's Response: I\'m thrilled that you enjoyed it. I really didn\'t mean it to be sad but guess it does read a bit more angsty then intended. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to leave a review. Cheers Marg.

2010.02.17 - 09:46AM
1: Chapter 1

why did Rose have to get the card?

*fangirl strop*

Author's Response: Ooh I\'m sorry. Here you go. To keriangel, thanks for being a wonderful fangirl, your really cute. Love Ten. Did that help? Nah probably not but thank you for readng and reviewing. Cheers Marg.

2010.02.16 - 01:46AM
1: Chapter 1

That really was sweet... but not cloyingly so! Very nicely done... and I am with frin, completely a Rose/Doctor shipper... always will be! Well done you!

Author's Response: Thanks Vicky, always appreciate your comments. Yeah I\'m not a fan of sickly sweet Valentines either so thought this went for a little balance that was totally Doctor and Rose. All the best, cheers

2010.02.15 - 05:33AM
1: Chapter 1

I think this suits Valentines perfectly. No sloppiness, no candlelit meal...just the Doctor and Rose, and that's all they need - Each other. Loved it, thank you!

Author's Response: Oh thank you. Yeah I wanted to keep it simple and this is definitely how I think they would handle Feb 14. They are definitely all they need. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. Means a lot.

2010.02.15 - 03:22AM
1: Chapter 1

Not a great champion of Valentine's here, but I am of love and particularly Rose/Doctor love.... very nice! X

Author's Response: Yeah know what you mean but as you say its Rose and the Doctor so any excuse to ship em is good enough for me. Actually hubby and I don\'t go all out on Valentines. We exchange chocolate hearts and try to go out to a movie or something which I think is so much better than showy presents and all. BTW have you heard anything from Hazel at all?