Reviews For Laboratory Skills

2010.02.23 - 04:38AM
2: Chapter 2

Was wondering when they were going to bring "him" into the mix :o) So on with the alien hunt!

2010.02.11 - 09:38PM
1: Introduction

Hi. A believable premise for a story starter in this universe. Just remember, that while this is a great start for something akin to series television, the reason we are reading the fan fiction is for the existing characters. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Don\'t worry, we\'ll see some familiar faces very soon. Hannah will have a very important part to play in this so I wanted to develop her character just enough before introducing our favourites.

2010.02.11 - 07:42PM
1: Introduction

very good start.

Author's Response: Thanks :)