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2018.10.24 - 02:53AM
3: III ~ Shower, then back to Bed — D on R

Did you write the Han/Leia fic, "The Princess and the Pirate"?

2010.12.26 - 11:57AM
1: I ~ New new new Doctor

Oh, so, SO, SOOO good. Please tell me you are going to continue this.

2010.03.05 - 03:13AM
3: III ~ Shower, then back to Bed — D on R

really good chapter.... They may not move from the bedroom,lol...if you have anything to say.

Author's Response: hey! i may be shallow but i\'m not that shallow....

2010.03.02 - 06:31PM
3: III ~ Shower, then back to Bed — D on R

Horny mostly Time Lord. Me want.

Author's Response: We ALL want! Thanks for commenting. More to come, if you\'ll pardon the expression.

2010.02.17 - 02:30AM
2: II ~ Bed — R on D

Sounds as if they have gotten off to a good start, thier relationship and how much they have both missed each other. Rose is right, don't want him to fit in to well, where he looses who he is.

Author's Response: thanks for reading and commenting. this really is nothing more than an excuse to record my fantasies. that, and I sick to death of all the angst-y TenII fics!

2010.02.12 - 07:24AM
1: I ~ New new new Doctor

I love this... Rose and the Doctor together.I begin to wonder if rose and pete don't have the best of relationships,he sounds a bit distant.

It seems the Doctor couldn't saty awake, his new body takes adjusting to, can't wait to hear more of this.....

Author's Response: thanks. hope to update soon.

2010.02.09 - 05:17PM
1: I ~ New new new Doctor

this is a tender start to what appears to be a brilliantly written story. Where HAVE you been? I LOVED your story "never enough time" and revisit it often. I have been hoping for a loooooooooooong time to see more of your fics so glad to see you return with somethjing like this one. One question though on continuity between this story and your previous ones -- in this one you seem to imply that Rose and Ten never had an intimate relationship yet you beautifully describe their relationship in the opening chapter of Never Enough TIme. WHy did you decide to change your canon? Not a criticism, just a question -- I love all your fics.

Author's Response: For such a long time, I just couldn\'t write. Hhmmm...and it all happened around the time I came down with a bad case of depression, so it\'s obviously related. I have no continuity between this fic and my others. Why? I\'m not exactly sure why...think i though it might be fun having an inexperienced Ten II!

2010.02.09 - 06:09AM
1: I ~ New new new Doctor

Nicely done!

Author's Response: Thanks!

2010.02.09 - 05:02AM
1: I ~ New new new Doctor

Oh, loving this already. More Ten II? Never complaining, me.

Author's Response: Who can get enough of TenII? it\'s the only thing that\'s helping me get over the Ten/Eleven regeneration.