2019.02.16 - 10:41AM
6: Chapter 6

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Author's Response: Thank you for reading!

2010.02.13 - 09:42PM
1: Chapter 1

Sweet lord, thank you for coming back and adding to this incredible series. Your username is extremely apt when it comes to your stories but there is also the brilliant way you have written our favourite OT3's journey together from individuals to a unified, bonded front. I seriously hope you find muse to write more in this series but thanks again for coming back at least this one time. Now I need a cold shower.

Author's Response: Ah yes, that user name came about many years ago in a couple of fandoms at the opposite end of the spectrum from this one, but it seems to follow wherever my obsessions take me. Thanks for reading!

2010.02.13 - 07:00PM
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Author's Response: It is fun having the power to manipulate Nine, isn\'t it? Thanks for reading!

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Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!

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Author's Response: Thanks, I figured there were enough fellow fantasy/sci-fi geeks around here to get it.

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Author's Response: Hee-hee.....it\'s not like I\'ve never heard that before!

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Author's Response: Every attempt I\'ve ever made at writing plain old smut has morphed into erotica because I can\'t avoid feelings. And I don\'t necessarily think that\'s a bad thing!

2010.02.09 - 01:01PM
4: Chapter 4

Regarding your response to my last comment, Jack is incorrigibly 'dirty'. That's just one of the reasons we love him.

As for this chapter, you just proved what I said about Jack. I also love that he makes sure Rose is ok afterward. With that kind of concern and decency, he can be as 'dirty' as he wants.

Author's Response: Dirty, sweet, dirty, sweet......it\'s like a carousel I can\'t stop! Here\'s a secret - it\'s gonna get dirty again before the final sweet.

2010.02.08 - 02:59PM
4: Chapter 4

I would say the boys did a good job of rewarding her for all the teasing and waiting. I'd have been happy with this chapter with just the guh, and then it got all sweet at the end.

Author's Response: Glad you\'re enjoying it! More to come.

2010.02.07 - 08:11AM
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I, too, see the Doctor as having a need for control. In the bedroom, that manifests as him being the ultimate top, even if he happens to be bottoming. But hey, it seems to work for Jack and Rose . . .

Author's Response: One of the burdens of loving a Time Lord, I guess. Although really, the leather jacket should have given it away from the start.....