2010.08.26 - 05:19AM
1: Bobsledding Whoo-hoo!

I remember seeing that ad and this goes hand in hand with that. Very well done :)

Author's Response: Thanks... needed to remember this most and probably last of Doctory moments and this was the best way I could think of doing it!

2009.12.13 - 10:23AM
1: Bobsledding Whoo-hoo!

Frin, you are always right on top of this stuff! I haven't shown the kids that little spot yet, but can't wait to. Your fic was a perfect companion to the spot, and a nice Christmas addition to the BW series. *Christmas hugs*

Author's Response: Thanks... Christmas begins with this wonderful peice, oh yes... but where will it end? Oh goodness, I don\'t think I want to find out!!!!! Show the kids for Gawds Sake!!! XXXX

2009.12.13 - 09:17AM
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I saw that. It was so cute!

Author's Response: It was wonderful... wish it could just end there....sigh.... Thanks!

2009.12.13 - 03:24AM
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Ha!!!!! I can see his twinkling eyes... and that might possibly be the last time.... Bah-Wumbug is all I can say! Lovely addition to your BW's!! Zeitgeist... that really is what you are, clever osome!!! XXXXXXXXXX

Author's Response: Gotta keep it current, that\'s me.. well, except youknowwhat... that threw me alot!!!!! But this was so... so... him!! And I like... him!!! Thanks, SOM XXXXXX

2009.12.12 - 11:51PM
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hahah! It is indded. The character will need all his old strength, and all the new strenght he's gained since Waters of Mars to fight him this trip. Becuase if the MAster and Lucy have been Dalek Caan-onized as some suspect... Oh dear.

Author's Response: Bernard Cribbons in a TV interview today said that the last four pages of The End Of Time were unavailable to the whole cast... there are very few people who know what actually happens!! EEEEEEEEEK!!!!

2009.12.12 - 11:50PM
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Wonder if reindeer can cross into parallel worlds. Their magic aren't they. Lovely fic Frin.. i just adore that little scene done by the BBC. A great addition to the BW series.

Author's Response: If only... oh, if only!!!! It was so lovely to see him as him and Auntie Beeb bleeding every last drop out of him!!! Thanks, Marg! X

2009.12.12 - 11:33PM
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*then he caught sight of a very ticked off Father Christmas. "Sorry. I'll bring them back before Christmas Eve!" he shouts then vanishes from sight!* Love it! :)

Author's Response: Father Christmas? Who are you kidding, red bicycle when you were 12? !!! ;0) X