2011.02.24 - 12:15PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

This is hilarious! And now we can add Eleven and Marilyn Monroe. :-)

Author's Response: :-D Yes, that thought did cross my mind at Christmas...! :lol: And thanks!

2010.08.29 - 06:35PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

This will never, ever stop being hilarious.

Author's Response: Thank you!! :-D

2010.03.25 - 09:45PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

LOL! Loved this so much! I think that the Sixth and Seventh Doctor ones were my favorites, even though their the Doctor's I'm least familiar with. Hunh.

Author's Response: Yay. If that\'s true, that makes the compliment even more flattering - thanks!!

2010.03.25 - 12:16PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

Brilliant! Wonderfully fun, so glad I followed to Calufrax link.

Author's Response: Thanks! :-)

2010.03.25 - 10:20AM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

Here from Calufrax, and oh, did I ever love this. Cracky marriage fic is a weakness of mine anyway, and this was an especially good example of it.

Author's Response: :-D Thank you!

2010.03.24 - 11:13PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

Oh dude, you have no idea how glad I am you wrote this. Every single bit was awesome. Especially Six's. And Seven's. And you wrote Doctor/Jane Austen! I thought I was the only person who shipped them even slightly. (Though, it's One I ship with Jane, not Three. I blame her showing up in Vicki's Companion Chronicle for that. They were just a wee bit flirty, you know.)

PS You've been recced in Calufrax.

Author's Response: Thank you! :-D A Calufrax rec, too! And I love the idea of Jane Austen/Doctor, and actually, because this was being rather jokey, I went for Three because he was a dandy and because I could (hopefully) imply that Miss Austen was actually not anything like as impressed as she should have been. Does that help?

2010.01.08 - 06:19PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

Ah-ha-ha! I think the Fifth Doctor one was my favorite, but honestly, they were all wonderful.

p.s. I'll have to check and see if you've written any full-length Doctor/Charley stories. You have their interactions down PERFECTLY!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. It was a fun fic to do. (And: I have - Anarchist Sprites, a Spooks crossover, but safe for newbies), other than that only Charley & The Master in Fallen and a couple drabbles, but fingers crossed, I have something in the pipeline - they are just gorgeous to write for!)

2010.01.06 - 05:03PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

Any more accidental engagements and we'd have to have Hugh Laurie play the Doctor and Stephen Fry his unflappable companion ;-)

Author's Response: Heh. Thanks - good point! :-D (And I think someone\'s already done that! You should check out JJPOR\'s What Ho, You Dalek Chaps, or whatever the title is, in which the Doctor *does* regenerate into Bertie. With Jeeves to assist, naturally).

2009.12.29 - 07:39PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

this is wonderful - all wonderful, and i really like that you chose not to elaborate on ten's story, after all the long elaborate entrapments (six's, perhaps the most elaborate, is my favourite - i love that the doctor thinks he's tactful, it's beautiful).

Author's Response: Aw, thank you. :-)

2009.12.09 - 02:59PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

Really, really nice characters, situations, and a great idea to start off with! Lovely lines, a wicked sense of humour throughout... might have liked a full episode for 10, but hey, it's your fic! Loved it all: brilliant.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! :-D And I left Ten and One as book-ends, because their two encounters mentioned here are on-screen and so that tied up nicely. Besides, Ten just does that sort of thing every episode anyway. :lol:

2009.12.09 - 01:24PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

I loved this. It must have been fun picking out the women to (almost) marry off. And it fixes the disturbing part of the preview for me. In my universe the Doctor doesn't have sex (not that I don't read and love that stuff). Thank you.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! And I\'m glad I\'ve made the preview a bit better. It all came out of a conversation about that and, well, it was only too easy to imagine the Doctor getting accidentally engaged/married...

2009.12.07 - 12:30AM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

I can't even begin to list all the great moments and great lines and amusing situations and spot-on characters - this is just a lovely yarn ball all wrapped up in many colours and I love what you've done with chasing it around the room.

Author's Response: Ooh, a poetic review! :-) Thank you - I\'m glad you enjoyed it.

2009.12.06 - 01:57PM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

Loved this! I am not sure which of the almost-marriages is my favourite; they're all fabulous. I'm a Bronte scholar so... *cough* That bit sort of made my day in a big way.

Author's Response: Thanks. And in that case, although I\'m not *completely* ignorant, I\'m glad I was sketchy on the details!!

2009.12.06 - 04:26AM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

This is great. I wanted to pick out the best bits, but that would be all of it. I love the way the various companions rescue/talk the Doctor out of it. I can just imagine him accidentally getting married to various famous women too.

Author's Response: Heh, well the Doctor just can\'t turn down a challenge (even if he\'d be off out the door before two weeks of wedded bliss were over), so someone has to keep an eye on him. Thanks very much!

2009.12.06 - 01:56AM
1: If it weren't for those pesky companions...

Nearly crying with laughter over here!

Best bits:

Evelyn shook her head. “I don’t know what came over you. If you decide you’re going to flirt with a crazed villainess again, please warn me first so I can ask to be tortured instead. It would have been a lot less painful.”


[Post it Note to Self: Ask the Doctor who invented the corset and if we can go back in time and kill him? (It can only have been a man.)]


Yes, dear reader, you are quite right. I instantly introduced myself as his mad wife who had escaped from the attic. As a conversation starter, it worked a treat.


Author's Response: Heh, thank you! So glad you liked it. :-D